LFG, monk looking for a home and bring friends.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi and thank you for taking the time to read this post and i hope you're have a nice day/evening.

i'm looking for a raiding guild mainly a HC/mythic one, its doesn't have to be high mythic , as long as it has a mature friendly atmosphere and aim to have fun with progression (for my friends they will be happy to be just social members, i will say more about them in end).

abit about my raiding history i started in mists where i mained my monk since then, i did mythic most of mists and start of WoD i took after that i took a lay back approach to raid up till now, where i would like to get back to mythic, i mainly heal but i wouldn't mind dps or tank, the last being the least preferred for me, mainly i'm looking 2 raid night or three at max, around 7pm GMT time more or less by an hour wouldn't hurt.

as for my friends in which there are two, they are looking for a social spot where they have a good chat, good bant and the odd mythic +, and maybe join on the optionally raid if there is any, but mainly they looking for active guild with active peeps on discord to have fun with.
Good evening,
Gordian knot is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, based on Draenor Horde.

We're always looking for skilled, competitive, dedicated and friendly players.
Our current progress is 1/11M - 11/11Hc Antorus.

We raid every Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, from 20.00 to 23.00 realm time.
Required attendance for the raider rank is 70% over a period of 6 weeks which means approximately 2 raids per reset.

Here you can check our rules:
And here you can apply to join us:

We are very active, we run many mythic+ dungeons, we have an alt run on Thursdays. We're also doing RBGs every Friday.

We're generally relaxed, funny and very friendly people.
When it comes to progress runs, we become very focused instead and we have a decent kill flow.

If you're interested for a chat please whisper one of our officers:
Jenquai - Athlios#2283
Leleko - Leleko#2235
Narweena - Sephyra#2517

Thanks for reading and good luck in your search :)
Hi Zalos,

I am the GM of Pure on Auchindoun. If you would consider transferring then we should have a chat on discord. We can offer you and your friends pretty much what you are looking for. Add me and I will explain all on disc.

Look forward to speaking to you mate,

Regards Areras (salty#2162)
Heya Zalos,

If you would consider migrating, <Jynx> on Draenor are currently looking for more members.

We are a newly established guild, and thus haven't started raiding yet. The guild has been co-founded by a previous ex Gm and Rl from our former alliance guild on Slyvanas. We decided we wanted too try out horde and hence the re-roll!

We are looking to make the guild into a casual raid team, with two nights a week, Friday and Sundays, the times differ from both nights.

Friday 20:30-23:00 st
Sunday 19:00-23:00 st

we are currently looking for dps, but will consider healers / tanks if interest is shown.

you can find more information about us on the link provided below, or feel free to add me for a chat on,


Hey pal.

<Awakened> could be the guild for you. We're looking for a few more DPS classes and don't have a Windwalker yet! We're also very active outside of raiding times and often on TS doing M+s, playing other games or just chilling!
Check out our website: awakevek.enjin.com for more or add me on BTag: Zingzilla#2945
Hi there Zalzos!

Metaphor is a newly found guild created by seasoned high end raiders who over the years have build up time consuming grown up lives but still have the urge to clear mythic content in WoW.

As we are a new raiding guild, we lack the numbers to start mythic progress. So if you are interested in investing in a new project and becomming an apreciated and valued member of our raiding team you will be welcomed with open arms.

What do we offer:
A fun and social environement where quality over quantity is key. Resulting in 2 nights of raiding. Wed & Thu from 20:15 - 23:00.
A focused and progress minded raid where we will always strive for an as fast as possible mythic clear of the current tier.

What we are looking for:
Raiders who can pull there own weight in a raiding team and are willing to improve in any way they can.
Loyalty. We are building a solid and loyal team that wants to play and improve as a team, not pixel horney guild hoppers.

We are not afraid to invite undergeared people that are willing to puth in the effort and time to improve. We do ask though that you can show us that you can perform on your class with some logs.

For any more information feel free to leave a comment below or add me on discord: olimentall#3955 or in wow timo#2301. Our Guild Master Etirion#2466.

Have a good one and see you soon!
Hey mate,

Shinra Incorporated - Draenor 2/11M is looking for dps.
We raid Wednesday and Monday 20-23 server time.

Add me on bnet for a chat: arwyn#21298

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