Couple (mw and prot pala) LF raiding guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Pala 941 ilvl mw is 935~ both starting gearing like crazy again recently, both have a lot of past exp, i’m multi r1 (ascindaz) is my pvp main but i just want to chill an pve again now, was top 10 world (As tank dps and realm firsts) on ffxiv always cleared all content etc. mw has pretty high pve xp and I consider her a pretty top tier mmo player, we can both raid any after after 7+, earlier then that depends on what days etc.
Add Ascinda#2833
Hi there!

Lunar Legacy is recruiting! We're an Alliance guild on the Defias-Brotherhood server that came over from Destiny 2. Some of us are new to WoW, others are longtime veterans.

A social, softcore guild with an enviroment where everybody can have fun, form lasting friendships and eventually provide a place to call 'home' while we progress through the game.
Our Discord server is a place where this becomes true more then anywhere else,
which is why we encourage everyone to come and hang out!

Having fun is what we're all about. Whether it's your class, a specific gamemode or a certain style of gameplay.

Our goal has and will always be to grow. Whether that's in numbers or strength doesn't matter. We look for quality over quantity. An individual with charisma will always be prefered over a group of people who simply 'are'.

If you are interested, want more info or have a chat, respond here or throw us a whisper in-game via my Battletag (Doozum#2806)

I hope to see you soon!

Best regards,
We are still looking :) just as more info

are 2 of my pvp vids

is a realm first on ffxiv, just to show a little of our exp :) i was raid leader / MT.
Pugged some normal with premade an both of us got quite a few upgrades, 945~ ilvl.
Were both still looking, currently 3/11 heroic with random bad pug teams, and cleared normal, done some +15s etc, and both 945-950 ilvl, soon to be higher.
Hey there.

Arcadian is recruiting for our mythic raid team. We are a newer project but we are very determined and serious about it. We aim to do mythic raiding, with some attempts for server first next expansion, while keeping a relaxed and social environment. We start raiding on the 17th January.

We raid Wed/Sun/Mon 20:00-23:00 server with invites going out at 19.45 server. We will never extend the raid or add extra raid days.

If interested add me to btag and we can have a chat on discord.

Our thread:
My btag: Jani#2877

You may be interested in joining Acheron - Aggramar Horde if faction change is not a big factor. We are mature, casual mythic raiding guild which raids on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays 20.30 - 23.00 CET leaving plenty of time for real life. Currently we are looking for dps and healers for our progress roster.
Our Heroic clears are on Mondays in which socials are welcome as well.

Besides that we often push m+ keys and have our discord channel in which there is almost always some chit chat going on

Check our wowprogress for more detailed information:

If you are interested to apply, here is our website:

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