Holy Priest LF Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello, im tired of all pugging and are in need of a raiding guild

I am a 952ilvl holy priest

11/11N Antorus
3/11H Antorus

9/9H ToS

Im in need of a casual raiding guild on Stormrage or crossrealms.
My best days of raiding is any weekday or sunday, and im from Sweden

Sincerest regard, Likur
Hello! I'm not sure if we could persuade you to transfer to Ragnaros but we are recruiting players for a roster to build going into Battle for Azeroth! We are searching for experienced and up and coming players looking to succeed in current tier content and have fun within the guild whilst doing so taking part in other activities like m+ etc!

We haven't got set raid days yet as we are fairly new and still building a roster but we will be getting that sorted asap!

Give me an add if you maybe interested


Good Luck on your search!

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