<Va Va Voom> 4/11M Recruiting!!

My name is Connor, I'm the Raid Leader for <Va Va Voom>, a Horde-Draenor raiding guild that's currently looking for some last spare raiders to push through Mythic Antorus! Currently we're 4/11 Mythic, having completed: Garothi Worldbreaker, Felhounds of Sargeras, Eonar the Lifebinder, and Portal Keeper Hasabel - We aim to have both: Antoran High Command, and Imonar the Soulhunter downed by the end of February at the absolute latest!

What do we do?
We are a fairly lively guild with events happening regularly over various different games; PUBG, Overwatch, and StarCraft II being the main alternate games that we tend to play together as a guild.

We are a very friendly guild with a relaxed, and fun atmosphere outside of raids and generally have a decent amount of people online both in game, and on Discord for the majority of the day - all of whom are more than happy to help each other out - and actually speak! During raids however, we are more disciplined, focused, and aim to get the job done - with progress kills happening every week!

Outside of raid nights, and simultaneous to playing other games together, we regularly run keystones and are looking for more people interested in pushing through some higher keys, and not just the required +15's for the weekly chest.

Currently Recruiting
Retribution Paladin (High Priority)
All Rogues
Balance Druid (High Priority)
Enhancement + Elemental Shaman

Mistweaver Monk
These spaces are for the core raid team - whilst you're not guaranteed an invite to every raid, you will be invited to the vast majority of them

Raid Schedule
Monday 21:30-00:00: Mythic Antorus
Thursday 21:30-00:00: Mythic Antorus
Friday 21:30-00:00: Optional; Alts Heroic Antorus (Timewalking Black Temple / Ulduar during Timewalking weeks)

If there's anything else you'd like to know, or if you'd like to get in contact - please don't hesitate to either respond to this post, whisper me in game, or add my BattleNet: ConnorRigg#2598
Great guild, large enough roster to head into mythic even on a two day schedule, really need more healers though! It’s so nice to always have someone online to joke with, and we even make kill videos :)
Pushing into Mythic on Monday and still open for Healers; currently we're open to all healers apart from Discipline Priest with particular emphasis on Holy Priests and Holy Paladins!

Add my battle-tag if you're interested, and let's get those Mythic kills together!: ConnorRigg#2598
Updated progress to 1/11 Mythic
Currently looking for Spare Raiders only as our raid team is now full:
Particularly needing Holy Priest or Paladin - Pala/Rogue DPS - Brewmaster/Guardian Druid - none of these raid spaces will be core raiders, but only as standby incase required!
Mythic Eonar downed on the 18th 2/11 Mythic. Felhounds to 0.1% best attempt on Monday.
Currently open to 1 Spare Healer, 1 Spare Tank.
Neither will be guaranteed raid spaces, and will only be taken on the rare occasions when needed!
3/11 Today! Starting Hasabel on Monday!
BUMP- Raid spot open for a good healer.
Healer Spot still open. 1/11M min exp and around 955 min ilvl.
Currently open for the following DPS classes:
Retribution Paladin
All Rogues
Feral + Balance Druid
Enhancement Shaman

Currently full on Healers and Tanks but great applications will always be considered!
Portal Keeper downed, and re-killed Eonar.
Starting Antoran High Command on Thursday!

Still open for the following DPS:
All Rogues
Balance Druids (High Priority)
Ret Paladin (High Priority)
Enhancement+Elemental Shaman

Currently full on Healers, but exceptional applications will be considered!
Recruitment Update:

Still open for the following DPS:
All Rogues
Balance Druids (High Priority)
Ret Paladin (High Priority)
Enhancement+Elemental Shaman

Also potentially open for:
Mistweaver Monk

New forum!
(not much different to be honest though)
Hİ im new i would like to join your guild to make friends and other stuff im a retri paladin and im trying to learn the game

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