Looking for mythic guild after few month break

new to the server frost DK is looking for a raiding guild. I spent most of legion on horde, on my boomy/guardian. Cleared 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 ToV, 7/10 Nighthold, then took a break during ToS. Came back to the game recently, and since I needed to catch up with gear, I decided to go back alliance and start on the frost DK I had sitting there for few years, since frost right now looks quite nice to me(always been a fan of dual wield swords but cant see myself playing pure dps class like rogue). I am looking for semi-hardcore guild to clear mythic content before the end of the tier. If it turns out mythic as frost dk with 1 legendary so far(prydaz, after 3 days of playing the character) will not work, I might be willing to move my mage with BiS frost and fire legendaries

Thanks for the time, and in case you want to contact me, battle tag is JackWest#21665

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