Best "duel" healer?

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Hey, which healer have best chance to win duel? 1v1
You mean while in healing spec, or a healer that is using a damage spec?

My guess would be shockadin. Paladins are an incredibly strong 1v1 class in vanilla.
yes sure, in healing spec, yea shockadin in vannila, buuut its not vannila anymore, i was thinking of druid..
yes sure, in healing spec, yea shockadin in vannila, buuut its not vannila anymore, i was thinking of druid..

Then why are you here...
naah wrong topic
The "classic discussion" is the vanilla board. You're looking for the "general" board.
i know i am sorry, didnt noticed
Shockadin was always good if you knew what you were doing, and disc priest I recall being great in duels (was a priest called Mind on my server who mopped the floor with people), but I also believe disc weren't favoured in raid set ups? Didn't do much PvE tbh.
I had an undead priest with healing spec and those were essentially immortal in duels. All that was needed was good enough gear to be able to survive any single burst of damage, because priest healing (and mana regen) capability was simply greater than any damage that could be done. Holy Nova was a must to deal with stealth however.

Of course, my own damage was fairly poor so duels were essentially a contest of endurance. I would eventually always win, unless I made a mistake. Fighting other healers was fairly pointless (stalemate), so I would mainly duel with dps orientated characters. Many would assume they could easily win and were generally surprised at their inability to 'kill' me, often repeatedly challenging me.

I don't remember people really talking about disc priests. It was just healing priest or shadow priest, and dps was usually present in abundance, so priests were expected to be healing specced, because a good healer was much more valuable than another damage dealer. And people were generally ignorant of how much damage a shadow priest could put out in the right conditions.
I guess restor shaman would be great for vanilla dueling since he has relatively big mana pool and shocks+fire totems for damage+leser heal that heals alot+grounding and ES for interrupts+lightning shield against anyone+manatide+some talents in elemental spec+WF for 1h+shield+NS for big instant heals/chain lightning+Purge ofc+shield that means a lot of armor and frost shock+earthgrab totem for kite
prot paladin is very decent healing dueler.

Anyone who doesn't wear plate can get vaped before he gets to cast any heal.
T2+ gear and the fight is endless with an healer vs healer. As both have good enough mana regen.
I did play an prist back in vanilla with aq 40. Naxx gear.
And in duels i did rearly lose, as you could prieshild renew and inner fire etc. you have high enough hp to surrvive some burst dmg.
And after the other class had bursted you down a bit it was just to heal upp.
And mana burn if an mana user else just swp and wait for the other one to die.
If the oponent was good enough to do stunns silance etc. And some good rng on crits they could win if they also was t3 geared.
geared holy paladin vs geared holy paladin, an epic fight for the ages, I remembered I dueled one of our guild paladins that lasted for 40 minutes because we could heal up everything from rank 1 flash of lights, was one of the most memorable/funny duels i've done because in the end he used the proc of the hammer that lowers the cast time on spells and instant Hearthstoned away, was laughing hard after that because it was a perfect paladin way to finish the duel

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