Illidan vs Turalyon

Turalyon mainly because Illidan would sacrifice himself for a random reason, just so he can keep on saying in every other sentence he utters that he has made great sacrifices. Guy has serious ego issues.
Us, either way one of these mary f*cking sues would die which is very good
Don’t really know how powerful Turalyon is with the Light at this point. Illidan is pretty powerful though. He did take the powers of the Skull of Gul’dan thousands of years of experience even ignoring the ones imprisoned. Definitely hard to say without knowing more about Turalyon. A single attempt with a sword as cool as that sword is doesn’t much Imo.

Still going off nothing I’d say Illidan but then I think it made more sense for Illidan to outclass Arthas in Frozen Throne since you know they were even and then Illidan gained power and Arthas only regained his height of power before becoming the Lich King.
31/12/2017 16:32Posted by Tordentor
I'm gonna say Turalyon just so the edgelord losers that !@#$%^-*!e furiously over Illidan gets triggered.

Rich coming from the person who plays a Human Paladin
I wanna say Turalyon because WC2 (and also the name is kinda awesome) but Lillidan would have this one
Who is the best at meele, a street fighter or an accountant, to declare who is the greatest we should let them come at each Calling upon their respective strengths. Illidan's would be ruthless pragmatism with his raw Power, Turalyons strength is to rally others to his side, to lead armies.

Is Turalyon greater at commanding armies then Illidan is at fighting + spellcasting. Of course how would you meassure such a thing, let Illidan use all the spells all his magic juice on on side, and a small army on Turalyons side and see who would come out on top.
03/01/2018 14:14Posted by Aragonight
Dude those paladins and their light. They think it's so powerful and all mighty , makes me laugh. X'era light did nothing against Ilidan what's Turalyon gonna do? He'll be ripped to shreds.

The light and a old man weilding it smashed your former boss,the strongest DK to ever exist and 1 of the strongest forces on Azeroth. I would remember that before you forget what the "Light" is capable off. Were not all unicons and rainbows DK,you only have to look at the lightforged and Yrel to see what happens when it gets serious :)
Okay, it seems like Sanara doesn't know much lore on Illidan.
10/11/2018 08:04Posted by Severoth
Okay, it seems like Sanara doesn't know much lore on Illidan.

Does it change the result of fight? No. Illidan is too speacialized fighter and idiot.
The hunter is nothing without the hunt. Now go leave this place and never return!
Illidan .. Ifcourse.. :)
Just like to compare Tyrande with Sylvanas .. Sylvanas don’t have Chance 1 v.s. 1

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