[H] 947 Holy Paladin LF raiding guild!

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi everyone.

Im looking for a new place to call home in WoW.

I am on a lookout for a guild there raids 2/3 times a week, i do prefer weekends. Raid times doesn't matter to much, im willing to switch servers, but not faction.

I raided TBC,WOTLK,MOP,WOD as a healer and tank.

My current progress is EN 7/7N/HC 3/7M, TOV3/3N 1/3HC and Antorus N11/11. I took a break after my old guild disbanded and missed out on NH and TOS and now am back "geared" and willing!

my wishlist of sorts:

- Core spot
- Prefer Horde
- a non-hardcore out look to the game but focus to get the job done.
- English speaking.
- raiding 2/3 a week and already making progs in HC Antorus.
- On a high pop realm ( doesnt have to be fyi )

Also am willing to change specs to protection but my gear will drop to around 938/940 and need to gear alittle more for that.

Any questions post below or add to Bnet on JoeB#21864

Heya, added you on battlenet for a chat :)

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