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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi Folks,

Currently looking for a brand new home.

I play both Resto and Balance with all the needed legendaries. I'm normally that guy who swaps between the specs as and when the guild is needed.

Really looking for something that starts after 20:30 server time. :)


Battle.Tag: Flick#21448

Willing to server transfer and may go horde for the right fit! :)

A big bit of M+ is increadly fun!! This week alone I've run around 50.
So i've had a few whisperes but does no one raid slightly later then most guilds? :(
Hi Flikle,

I represent New Order on Nordrassil. We're 1/11 mythic and are looking for a few players to bolster our mythic raiding team.

I've added you on Battle Net, would love to have a chat and let you know what we can offer.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Hi There Flikle

We, at Abstine. are currently looking for more dps (especially for those who can multitask if it is needed) to come and join us for some fun raids in Antorus. We like to progress at our level but we do this while having fun and banter (mainly at my expense at being a gnome!) We are a family and friends guild, but how do you make more friends if you don't open your doors? We have been around since MoP but a lot of us have played in various guilds at some points previous to this!

We are currently 6/11 Antorus (before the Christmas break - we start back on 3rd Jan) which we achieved while having a small roster, but we are trying to expand a little to see what that feels like too. We are mainly an heroic guild but will try Mythics as and when our Team allows it.

We raid 3 times a week as we do understand that people need their own time too.

Monday 20.30 - 23.30 ST
Wednesday 20.30 - 23.30 ST
Thursday 20.30 - 23.30 ST

If you have any questions feel free to whisper myself (Libbi - Pinky#2953) or our Officer (Azuria silverwillo#2290) for more information or check out our website at www.abstine.enjin.com. Or even just to see what class you would like to play.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Libbi x
Hey Flikle,

We have a spot for a Balance Druid, and having a healing off spec is a huge bonus. We are currently 2/11 mythic and looking to push that when we resume raiding on 3rd Jan. (and we don't start raids till 20.30 server time)

I'll add you via Btag as soon as I get online, but feel free to add me as well:

Also, if you want to read our recruitment post you can see that here:

Look forward to speaking soon.
Hi Flikle,

Feel free to check us out @ https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ragnaros/Metaphor

Hope to talk to you soon!
Heya Flikle!

I'm from the guild Affinity based on Kilrogg - Runetotem - Nagrand.
We're currently on the lookout for another Boomie that can play his OS if needed at times. We're currently 9/11 HC with a 2 week raiding break aswell due to the holidays.

We raid 2 days a week being Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 server till 23:30.

We'd love to have a chat with you and tell you a bit more about ourselves.

Friendly regards,
Hi there!

Lunar Legacy is recruiting! We're an Alliance guild on the Defias-Brotherhood server that came over from Destiny 2. Some of us are new to WoW, others are longtime veterans.

A social, softcore guild with an enviroment where everybody can have fun, form lasting friendships and eventually provide a place to call 'home' while we progress through the game.
Our Discord server is a place where this becomes true more then anywhere else,
which is why we encourage everyone to come and hang out!

Having fun is what we're all about. Whether it's your class, a specific gamemode or a certain style of gameplay.

Our goal has and will always be to grow. Whether that's in numbers or strength doesn't matter. We look for quality over quantity. An individual with charisma will always be prefered over a group of people who simply 'are'.

If you are interested, want more info or have a chat, respond here or throw us a whisper in-game via my Battletag (Doozum#2806)

I hope to see you soon!

Best regards,
So many whispers and chats!! :) Still looking but really need the time to be right!

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