Rate the Transmog Above you - XIII

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Secret monk,dressed as hunter :p
Really cool, but doesnt really fit monk
Really awesome set! I like it. 10/10.
Simple but good 9/10
Very nice. 9/10. Neck textures look a bit off (could just be armory) but overall like it a lot. Very clean.
Like the colour scheme a lot, the helm + beard combo is top notch too. Not so sure about the weapon. 8/10

I like it. Very nice mog overall. The only thing I would probably change is the weapon to perhaps "Shadow's Edge", or something black/grey/blue-ish, which would probably fit your transmog better :)

Still very nice mog though! A solid 8/10
Simple but nice mog, the helm fits dwars pretty well 8/10
That's a solid 9/10, the chestpiece fits a Tauren well, but it doesn't really go with the shoulders/legs. Would choose a different chestpiece, but your mog is still amazing.
Really good fit!
Matches perfectly
9/10, could have a bit more pop ;)
It’s quite wierd, I don’t think that helmet and shoulders mix with the other pieces. But these latter are good match.
It's okay! Not amazing, but not bad either.
+points for not using a full set while also having your pieces match. Not a huge fan of the helm. The belt is *just* about matching, but again plus for not using the ulduar set belt.

Maybe too pink for me, but it looks cool. The big shoulders pass suprisingly well to the rest. But ur weapon looks like something that a farmer would use :D maybe i dont see the enchant?

Screenshot in case that my armory werent updated.
Not enormously exciting, but those legs do look awesome! The tabard feels a bit off from the rest of it, but there's a general red theme across the board which is nice. Not a fan of the small swords/daggers (can't tell which), but that could just be me.

Fits reallice nice! Great beard too :p
Bit too safe though ;)
Like how you matched those items together :) 8/10!
Before I view your profile I knew it was a hunter. Very nice.
Really nice, looks like true plague master.
Not my style, but you nailed it. 9/10
Very cool, I think you really sold the dark vibe without it being too over the top. 10/10
Looks good on a goblin! :) Well done! 8/10
Really fits the theme, colors also match.
Just a bit boring ;)

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