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9/10 looks quite cool, not something I have seen before.
Looks like a scarlet crusade npc! But I don't think the shoulders really fit the rest of the clothes, makes it look more like a warlock mog. 7/10
Not bad at all, I like how you got the Night Elf Elite Ranger feel into it.
9/10. The Void Bow is a little too much =P

I am aware that my mog is mostly just a set, I am just curious if the chest matches everything.
Tbh im not a big fan of the set, It's just a normal pvp set and dont stick out that much. Tabars fits well doh 5/10.
Objectively 8/10 - Reasons; interesting set, works pretty well.
Personally 4/10 - Reasons; not something I would like to wear.
8/10 :)
@Eyeliner 7/10

Just faction changed and my set on horde is RIP.

Just came up with this transmog, wish i could find more greenish legs but it will work for now :)

Edit: Thinking of taking out the helm (No helm) and dye the hair green.
9/10 , looks beautiful, nothing to say really. Not 10/10 because ..reasons :) .
I'd give it a 5/10, the bottom half of your body doesn't really fit. Also I really don't like the look of your weapons.
It definitely does the job, although the bow seems really out of place to me - but yeah, decent, basic set - 6/10

I figured I'd try something a little different from my norm. Goblin monks? Yeah why not. ;)
Nice transmog, but I thought you were a monk at first.
But it's nice overall - 7/10
8/10 you look like a knight of the ebon blade but try to get a smaller belt and a tabrad of the same colour and you'll look insane, those -2 points are for belt and tabrad else everything is looking really good!!
Mostly a full set, but it does look good and fits a draenei
Not a fan of shoulderless mogs but I like the rest. Some green daggers to bring out the green on the helm and belt would be cool! 8/10
Fits nicely, but a bit too boring.
wow a white tiger with horde themed colours!! 10/10!

You look like a bad guy from an 80's movie...

I understand what you're trying to do with this mog but the hat still look out of place to me.
For the wierdness of you transmog I give you 8.5/10 because I really like wierd transmogs.

Anyway, colors match in good way, but you pushed always !@#$ blood elf to another level with that head transmog. :-D

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