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@Emelenzia 9/10. Really like the blue and fire-ish glow mixed together! and it doesn't hurt that you're the most badass race in the game ☻ @Linustq your transmog is okay. Doesn't really feel very druid-y so I'll have to give you a 4/10.
Well, im not entierly sure what to say - this just confuses me..

5/10 Civilian worker clothing.
1/10 Paladin look

(Needs to be copy pasted - as the forum dont allow "links" as such)

The link is me (no bull!@#$) - the Armory does not show off my nice totems...which are a very important piece of my set :P
Really tauren warrior looking mate but not something special 8/10
8.5/10. Bretty gud.

Don't know about that helmet though, it has the potential to look amazing but it looks so weird on a lot of races.
Love it!! It's really unique and I normally don't like having 2 different weapons as a fury, but it looks great on your character! The belt looks a bit weird on the dwarf male model, but I love everything else. 10/10
Boots dont match in my eyes but still decent, 7/10
Everything was thrown together very well! It fits well enough the sub rogue. My problem with it is, for instance, your mask has far more pixels than your tabard!
i know
Solid 9/10. Looks amazing but i don't like the weapon.

Replace the chest with something more Purple fitting and you really got something ^^
A little too bland for my liking, but the colour balance is spot on. 7/10
I do like it, suit nice on a BE, but not really hunter imo.
I like the t10 shoulders and the hat but i do more like robes on casters and such, overal 7/10 because of the open legs
Looks fine and everything fits well together. :) 9/10
Shoulders and tabard doesnt really fit and I'm not a fan of skimpy mogs. The bow is a good color match though 5/10
Matching colors but does not look like a hunter,
4 points matching colors
3 points because you're an orc :)


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