Worst thing that was added in Legion

10/01/2018 17:05Posted by Yayoboss
Worst things added in Legion

- PvP Templates
- Honor Talents (80% of them are just pruned abilities)
- Prestige (system for collectors, not PvP'ers)
- RNG everywhere
- "class fantasy"
Broken shore
Everything new with PVP,

-The tic tac toe “tree”
-Errrrrm, prestige?

For me that be either Fishing or Prestige

For fishing: just way too obtuse for something that should bring fun away from the grind. Need item for lure, lure only lasts 3 minutes to catch rare fishes that give a meagre increase for your Artifact pole which has specials that don't even work properly or are lacklustre. The quest was fine, a special pole was fine... just the system behind it was frustrating.

Prestige: While PvP has a lot of problems and I don't care much for it any more... The prestige had me interested in what it provided but the curve was so god damn awful that I stopped chasing it. It should ramp up the grind, but the way they done it it felt like you already hit the wall of grind the first levels. Not great as a game. So yeah, definitely needed a better curve.
Tying professions to mythic dungeons. That ment that I had to gear up all my alts as well, and that aint gonna happen. Made me stop playing after a month.

Cos professions is what keeps me hanging around since I stopped raiding. I like to craft stuff, and try to make some money off of it.

With that gone, Legion just fell apart for me.
TBF though they have been crap since WoD.

Just way, way, way too much.
It's too hard.

Can we have categories, like the Oscars?

And the nominees for Worst Gearing Changes are:

- Titanforging
- The Legendary Lotto
- The removal of earned vendor PvP gear

.... and the winner is ...

La-La La- wait! wrong envelope

- The Legendary Lotto!

Then we could have other categories like

and so on. Would be easier.
Pvp templates absolutely destroyed any sense of ,,casual" pvp for me..i dont wanna log into bgs just for fun after raids anymore because no matter what gear i have, or how much time i spend in the game, some classes just gonna stomp me like a bug.

Legendary- i like to having something to chase against ...have a reason to do older content of legion to get leggos or ap, but the fact that leggos are so mandatory for some classes and its rng which one u get it makes a bad thing added to the game for me. Its changed in a guild chat when someone get leggo from gz gz gratz into !@#$ %^-* rip omg thanks blizz etc.

Pruning to fit ,,class fantasy" make many classes dull boring and just a shadow of its former self. Pruning is just baaad!!! Why they dont get it?

Introducing pvp talents and normal talents which are just old pruned abilities, nothing new or a passives so game doesnt get any harder for ya.

A bit wierd story at broken shore( start of the legion) where aliance just lost a king to move forward with story and introduce a bit more anduin. Now ...there is the stupid part. Aliance lost king so because ali did horde have to lose something aswell right...because we are in a kindergarden if one side gets or lose somethnig other side have to get or lose something aswelll or ppl cry. So out of fkin nowhere for no reason whatsoever they killed voljin and replaced him with a long awaited bullcrap b!@#$% which doesnt care about horde at all and never did....no matter it doesnt make any sense at all ...edgy kids just wanted her as a leader so they made her a leader to sell more copies. Bullcrap for me!!!

And last thing i hate in legion are those repetetive dialogues which apears everytime u doing world quest ,,I have a ...em.....sticky situation for u champion" .......,,my life is dedicated to destroying the burning legion" ,,another burning legion commander" ,,burning legion..." ,,burning legion this and legion burning that" ,,legion champion hero " ,,burnin....... omfg gimme a break i know what are we facing we all know we are on argus fighting demons of the fkin burning leg...(throw in my mouth)....begone edgy lord illi-whatever....

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