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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi guys, im a 26 y/o Danish / Korean dude, playing Frost DK as main. (945) 73 Traits. 1 BiS leggy. Just got back to wow from a longer break, so only played the last 6 days on my DK since it dinget. which means i've been busy gearing! to prepare myself for you guys :P i currently study to become a bording school teacher, which means i got alot of time to play ^_^

im able to transfer server to you guys. I expect a friendly mature guild, with 11/11 HC clear, who still farms HC every week, im ofc up for mythic progress as well :)

Im also interested in PvP stuff as a side bonus, playing around 2.3k exp as most classes. and 2.2k+ RBG exp, if u somehow got a team for that as well in our "spare time" ;)

Looking forward to hear from my new Family ^_^

Tweeb#2140 :)
added you :)
Hi there,

You look like a good possible fit for our guild <Aspira>.

If you would like further information on the guild please see the following link:

Our raid days & times are: (time is shown as WoW server time).
Wednesday 20:00-23:15
Thursday 20:00 - 23:15
Sunday 20:00 -23:15
We will also do alt runs and additional days but they are currently unforseen and will be optional.

Current progression:
Normal - 11/11
Heroic - 11/11
Mythic - 1/11

Any further information required regarding the guild, or you'd like to contact us directly. Please contact myself via Battle Tag @ Spazykii#2785, or Boklord#2982. Thank you.

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