[H]-Da Noob- Recruting Raiders - 2 Night -2/11M

Tarren Mill / Dentarg
Hello Everyone
Da Noob recruiting atm and need few more raiders to fullfil our mythic roster.
We are a 10 year old raiding guild always aimed high level raids while having as much fun as possible, and with respect to irl commitment. We can offer a friendly but serious raiding environment, as well as a social community if you want to be part of it. We have people from all over Europe.

Raid Nights :
Wednesdays : server 20-23(Optional) Farm Night for HC/Alts
Thursdays : server 20-23
Mondays : server 20-23

Voice : Discord
Loot : Loot Council

Recruitment Prios ;
All Range DPS Classes
Ret Pala
Enc Shammy

Contact me from B.Net : Tocibasus#2234
2/11M Now
Still looking for more DPS
Need Ranges - boomkin - mage - ele
Melees - Ret - Rogue - DK - DH

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