Disturbed Podling still in-game?

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Is Disturbed Podling still in-game, at least in the Garrison? I haven't got one to pop up since Legion started, IIRC.
Those pesky Podlings will still jump you when gathering herbs around Draenor, but I'd skip the garden if I were you. Podlings are such wild creatures.
I leveled herbalism a few weeks ago and was plagued by these critters fairly regularly when skilling up in the Draenor zones. I don't recall seeing any in the garrison.
Another stealth nerf to the garrison never documented until players found out... Same as elixir of bonus xp removal first from missions then from winter veil dailies... never announced until players wasted time trying to get it and seeing it doesn't drop.
I noticed a decided lack of those while levelling my step-son's characters (I'm babysitting his account)... wouldn't surprise me, either if they got removed.

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