960 Fury Warrior LF Daytime HC/Early mythic Guild

Looking for Players – PvE

Im looking for a Daytime raiding guild around 13:00-16:00 Server time on weekdays due to my nightshift job. Haven't been in an active raiding guild since wrath so will be a breathe of fresh air. Im Always looking to improve my gameplay at all times.

I Had a break from wow during NH/ToS, but cleared Heroic EN regularly on release. Antorus XP is 10/11 with not killing aggramar (great boss to pug), got Curve though

I've been around since launch of WoW with raiding xp up to wrath to a high level at the time. Didn't play much cata/mop/WoD, very casual in that time period but loving Legion. Was also a 2.3k rated player, but currently just concentrating on PvE

About myself My Names Joe aged 26 and living in wales

Wouldn't mind transferring realm or faction change if the move is right for me

Thanks for reading!

Add on JoeDunno#2369 to discuss :)
Update - Now 11/11 HC

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