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Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I've been a bit abscent and "out of character" for many years... are items from outdated LFR's(previous expansions) no longer obtainable in any way at all?

If they are, could it be possible to add them back to be bought through currency from e.g. Timewalking vendors? Or any other currency?
Hi Aylish :)

Items from old LFR raids are indeed still obtainable, however you would need to speak to separate characters in order to queue yourself into old LFR raids.

Here's a list, depening on what exactly you're looking for:

Auridormi (Tanaris)

Mists of Pandaria
Lorewalker Han (Vale of Eternal Blossoms)

Warlords of Draenor
Seer Kazal (Garrison)

I hope this helps. Happy hunting! :)
Hey Aylish!

Don't worry, even if you outlevel a specific raid instance you will still be able to queue up for its LFR version! We wouldn't want you to miss out on any cool equipment recolor you may have set your eyes on :)

Rather than entering the instance by using the LFR tool, high-level players can do so by talking to several NPCs located within the game.

With regard to the instances of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, you will want to talk Seer Kazal. He normally hangs out in your Draenor Garrison, provided you have unlocked him by completing the expansion's introduction questline as well as the first part of the invasion of Tanaan.

His Mists of Pandaria counterpart is Lorewalker Han, located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Last, but not least, there's Cataclysm! Since the LFR difficulty was introduced over the course of this expansion, only Dragon Soul - its final raid - has it available. In this case, you will need to speak with Auridormi of the Keepers of Time.

Have fun!

Edit: it looks like someone beat me by a few minutes! Great job, Kerrosh!
Thanks, both of you! That's awesome!
Will Legion legacy LFR become available at some point? And if it already is, where can I enter :)
26/10/2018 11:57Posted by Zoï
Will Legion legacy LFR become available at some point? And if it already is, where can I enter :)

NPC to queue for Legion LFR was found in 8.1 PTR so it's very likely it's coming in 8.1.

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