[A][Ravencrest]952 Resto Shammy LF A Kind Raiding Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey there,

I'm a fun little resto shaman looking for a semi-hardcore guild (or at least somewhere above casual), with a warm and fun raiding environment - relaxed, but also serious about progress. I don't really have a preference for raiding days, but I prefer raiding evenings.

I am currently sitting at 952 ilvl with 73 traits (I'm looking to better this aspect :P). My previous guild and I got through to 8/11HC after not many tries, raiding twice a week, and stagnated due to the winter holidays. Sadly, upon return in 2018, multiple people in the raiding team decided to quit, resulting in the guild unfortunately disbanding, hence why I am now looking for a new family. :)

I am a fast learner and always happy to improve my gameplay. In my raiding experience, I haven't really received any complaints so far, but I am more than open to constructive criticism.

Add me if you're interested! Miru#2281
Hey restro only? Or could i get u to dps amd restro os?
Check gits.enjin.com or add me discord for a chat jaycore#8306

Cheers jay

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