Are you enjoying your spec's class fantasy

A more positive thread for people who enjoy Legion's class fantasy design.

I really love the arcane class fantasy, it really feels like you are a MAGE, the skills we use fit the theme so well including time manipulation lore wise and the fact that mana matters makes it so much more interesting gameplay wise, plus the new graphical effects are simply magnificent.
affliction lock: yes (except maybe the need for life tap being too fantastic)
Shadow priest fantasy is phenomenal. I guess its the fact that the void is more relevant than ever now that the legion is defeated and shadow priests happen to have a very close connection to it.

And having an artifact that throughout the xpac reminded you that the legion is only a temporary war and that fighting the Old Gods once again is inevitable, only made it better.

And the insanity mechanic is absolutely the best part. Coming from a person that gets tired of classes very easily, I'm surpised I mained this spriest throught the entirety of the expansion. Fighting against the drain to make your insanity cycles last as long as possible never gets old and always keeps the thrill when raiding.
-survival, yes
-marksman, yes
-beast mastery, sort of yes but dear lord does it look silly when you shout to the skies every 3rd second

-yes, but the setting with Valarjar doesn't fit with the Horde side. It's a bit of love/hate relationship though getting to punch a dragon in the face made me forgive everything so far and also in the future

-hate everything about them. The amount of brews needs toning down and refocus on the martial arts aspect.

-yes, the questline felt very rogueish and was well done. The classhall is my favorite of all classes.

Death Knight:
-yes, for the same reasons as rogue, the questline is just so much fun
Loved arms until t21. But generally been pretty good design.
I like demon hunters.

I like rogues.

I like warriors, sort of, even though valhala theme could have been more towards nordic mythology and less towards marvel

Monks are ok.

Number one for me are hunters. All huntard specializations feels unique compared to each other, huge thanks to survival bringing in the melee element, trueshot lodge is simply best class hall in my opinion and even though half of the class campaing is pulled out of thin air without any real game lore, it is toned nicely. The whole hunter company, trueshot lodge, highmountain settings sending me good old jeremiah johnson vibes.
Legion has finally made my dreams come true.

In real life I love watching horrors with demons and I love "demonic" fantasy.

So before you could not be a demonic creature, until legion arrived... yeeeaah baby!

Now Im a proud demon and im spinning my head 360 degrees like no other demon! lol.
monk: no

I feel like there is a lot of wasted potential
TL;DR- I like Death knights

Legion has really brought the death knight class fantasy to life (Pun intended)

Since WotLK, the knights of the Ebon blade haven’t felt as relevant as they do now.

Kicking off the expansion by forging an alliance with Lich King Bolvar and taking up the shards of Frostmorne or other Nathrazeem weapons.
Raising the four horsemen, former heroes and villains from our pasts to add to the ranks of the undead. And launching an assault on the paladin order hall in an (unsuccessful) attempt to steal and raise the corpse of the recently deceased Tirion Fordring made the death knight campaign the best experience of legion for me.

And the class mount quest line was perfection!
Scouring the frozen north to find what’s been drawing hordes of undead away from icecrown, torturing a member of the red dragon flight (bonus points for also being a gnome) and having the option to slay every remaining red dragon in the ruby sanctum, even the younglings!
As a proud holder of the “unholy determination” FOS before it was removed, I am “empty inside” just like the Lich King.

I know I’ve rambled on a bit and no doubt spoiled the story for anyone who hasn’t experienced it, but it truly was a brilliant way to portray the Ebon blade and it’s Deathlord and I’m really sad that we won’t be getting any more content like this in BfA.
I dislike that DKs are now slow juggernauts instead of powerful shock-troopers but it ain't that bad.

As for the spec fantasies, I like how all the specs feel. They did capture the feel of each spec's identity and I applaud them for that. Though I don't like that frost is now dual wield because I find that to go against the new DK clas fantasy of being the unstoppable juggernaut, but the feel of the spec is there and the gameplay is fun. Same with unholy and blood.

I like how DKs were shown to be these anti-heroes in Legion who do whatever it takes to ensure victory, even if they have to play dirty.

What I dislike about the DK questline is that we now have a giant plot armor on us, since we know no one will every try to make us pay for attacking the Light's Hope and raising Horde/Alliance heroes and killing dragons. \

But all in all, I like the overall DK class fantasy and I find the DKs to be by far the most interesting class.
No I'm not enjoying class fantasy because we had to sacrifice good class design and fun for it.

Do I care about how much it makes sense to cast a frost bolt as a fire mage ? NO
Do I think that sometimes casting a frost bolt as a fire mage distinguishes a good player from a bad player ? YES

again I don't want to sacrifice class design in order to create class fantasy.
From playing priest and shaman, yes. a lot. thats one reason i like these classes. they hold on to their lore and fantasy, and that fits me.

also this is one reason i like the wow lore. the connection to the character spec and history both story wise and how he/she expresses his way of "life".

the latest cinematic is a good showcase of this on how different races and classes are in the game.
I think they nailed every single part of class fantasy in legion.

Now lets focus on making classes fun to play while keeping the themes.
Priest and DK are awesome. Just, awesome.
Not really. I still enjoy playing my ret paladin but some of the changes the class recieved (especially ret spec) are simply bad.

Removal of hammer of wrath, reworking exorcism into a holy toothpick (instead of making updated animations for both of these), completely removing seals and auras instead of reworking them into something more interesting and useful, changing judgement into a holy colossus smash.

After all these changes sometimes i only remember that i'm a paladin because i have shiny armor + holy melee swing animation. Other than that it almost feels like playing an arms warrior with slightly more active rotations.
18/01/2018 13:42Posted by Xoxaxo
Do I think that sometimes casting a frost bolt as a fire mage distinguishes a good player from a bad player ? YES

The skill gap between good and bad player is still pretty huge, both in pve and pvp, many tools can still be used wrong and many people dont really care enough to play their specs more effectively(Not implying they should follow the top build, just that they should focus on improving their build)
18/01/2018 13:51Posted by Tinywizurd
I think they nailed every single part of class fantasy in legion.

Now lets focus on making classes fun to play while keeping the themes.

very much this.
Monkall 3 specs yes. Windwalker is very satisfying with combo mastery and the feel. Mistweaver has really nice healing effecta and feel (except orc eneloping mist animation) and brew master is great, tho would be great of we got defensive bonus for being drunk (currently it reduces damage by 1)

WarriorArms warrior, am enjoying it but id like more damage to be on smash. I like the idea of a massive hit. Prot exactly what i want, behind the shield and block it all. I just need to find a good tower shield transmog.

PriestHoly is the basic healer and feels that way, but i do enjoy it and it feels nice to throw out holy words. Shadow is so much fun and just bonkers.
18/01/2018 13:59Posted by Rälph
The skill gap between good and bad player is still pretty huge, both in pve and pvp,

No its not... especially when it comes to classes.

The real thing atm that makes a difference is basic stuff, like movement, communication and such things. Which should never be the goal when it comes to classdesigns. U simply dont have the stuff to outplay opponents.

R1-players agree. (I can basically hear it in most streams of the Multi-R1-players)...

Thats why people like Dillypoo, describes the current arena-gameplay-design as: The game is alllready decided in the waiting-room.

U can also see that this game sucks designwise by teh reactions of the community:

While they were allways crying and still do... it was allways about balance, but this happens in every game. In Legion the crying shifted... its no longer about balance its all about classdesign now and that by both sides PvE and PvP. Which is a stronf indicator that there is a real problem.

The class-design is horrible on most classes.
Yes, I think the changes to frost DKs in Legion was really good. Now I'm talking about the new look from spells/artwork/animations.
Like changing death and decay to remorseless winter, that feels so much more frosty.

Also the class hall campaign was really good for death knights.

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