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Argent Dawn
“The Darkspears have survived. We have survived because we be living in the world that is, not in the world we lament having lost. They be measuring everything against a standard that be imagined. They do not know what the past empires were like, not truly. They only be knowing the romantic fantasy of those empires. Their standards be unrealistic, not only because they be based on lies but also because those standards have no place in the world of today.” -in Vol'jin: Shadows of the Horde

Greetings fellow Argent Dawners and welcome to <The Zulian Legacy> guild thread. With a recent interest in the theme that we offer, we have decided to restructure, redo and relaunch the guild. Thank you for taking an interest.

The Zulian Legacy is an Order which shares its name with the philosophy that guides it; a path of thought which describes a variety of ethics and ideas surrounding the fundamentals of what it means to be a troll in the present world. The Order of the Legacy exists to promote and protect these principles, which place troll and tribe at the center of its purpose.

Named for the enduring legacy of one of Azeroth's most prolific races, the philosophy commits a great many things about the proud heritage of the troll people and the mark they have left on the world to heart.

But in a way that makes the philosophy an antithesis to the beliefs of the Zandalari lead by the Prophet Zul, The Zulian Legacy edifies ideas and ways of thinking focused on forging a way ahead and creating a future for trolls, not in looking back and longing to recapture the glories of olden times when the empire of Zandalar lorded over ancient Kalimdor.

The Tenets of The Zulian Legacy:

  • Revere the traditions and history of the trolls with deep respect, but not be shackled by them. "Never forget where you came from, but a troll cannot look to the future if they are busy longing for the past."
  • Work for the betterment of trollkind without fear of adaptation. "The stoneworker did not lament when his old tools couldn't do the task he needed them to do. He built others that could."
  • Honour the Loa. Trolls and the Spirits are inherently connected. Loa are deeply involved in every aspect of a troll's life and afterlife. Appease and worship them so they will be by your side. "See this coin? This side is us, the other side are the Loa."
  • Free will. Being a troll means being the master of your own destiny. To be shackled is to forsake who you are, to deny the nature of your spirit. "Do you know what we were before we were trolls?" -Sen'jin
  • Respect your elders and your chieftains, but do not be afraid to oppose them if their actions compromise us all. "The Chieftain is not a God. He be a troll, and a troll can make mistakes."
  • The Horde is family. A sanctuary where trolls can protect their culture and their people. "The fates of the Horde and of trolls were undeniably tangled together. To act as if that wasn't truth would be complete folly." -Vol'jin

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    The Zulian Legacy is a Roleplay Guild and Community with an exclusive memberbase of trolls of the Horde (Darkspear, Revantusk and Shatterspear tribes). The aim of The Zulian Legacy is to promote a range of quality roleplay which explores the culture, faith and heart of individuals belonging to a proud and ancient race.

    Our goal is to provide for the community with events and activities such as gatherings, ceremonies and adventures. As an order of nomads and adventurers from all walks, persistent RP plotlines, building narratives and partaking in adventures around the game world (and sometimes beyond) is part of what we are setting out to achieve.

    A range of events and roleplay we wish to cover are:

  • GATHERINGS, like our Nights on the Echo Isles Events which will run on the first Saturday of each month. This is an opportunity for roleplayers to come together in the heart of the Horde's troll population, meet others and enjoy an evening of easy going roleplay for an hour or two. Sometimes activities are arranged for you to partake in during these events.
  • CEREMONIES AND RITUALS, which will be dedicated to honoring a specific loa. The locations may change for sermons often, as it requires travelling to sacred sites in order to give the spirits our offerings and sacrifices! Lower level members who may find themselves struggling to reach a given location need only contact one of our members and we will help to get you there.
  • HUNTS AND SKIRMISHES, trolls are known for their ferocity and cunning. Whether hunting for the tribe or slaying enemies and sending their souls to Bwon'samdi, trolls are fearless in their resolve. We aim to explore this aspect of troll nature.
  • ADVENTURES, The Zulian Legacy travels all over in search of lore and troll history or other motives and our adventures sometimes take us far and wide. These will also include a custom roll system so that your character's skills and attributes have an impact on the outcome.
  • INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY. The guild seeks to cooperate with other guilds and individuals in the Argent Dawn RP community, by working together in hosting and planning of public events or attending campaigns and other realm events.
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    We have an in-guild progression system. We try to accommodate all types, so whether you are a fighter, headhunter, priest, hexxer or simple villager, the legacy has a place for you.

  • GMs: Harbinger and Oracle
  • Officers: Council
  • Veteran Members: Herald
  • Members: Blade; Mystic; Advocate (further progression within each rank)
  • Recent joiners: Neophyte
  • On leave / Inactive: Wanderer
  • OOC rank: Outsider
  • More in-depth information on ranks and progression can be found on our Argent Archives page. (link below)

    It is important to note that our ranks are not designed to dictate a character's ability. You may have come from other guilds and other places where your character has gained experience and knowledge and we do not intend to negate that by telling you to play your character's proficiency in conjunction with your rank. It is purely where you and your character stand in regards to the Order.

    What you can expect of the guild:
  • A friendly, supportive and constructive atmosphere within the guild with a "Create, not Criticize" policy; this means that discussion, offering alternatives and encouragement to build upon our concepts and ideas in a believable way is favored highly over a discouraging demeanour, an outright "No" without fair and thorough thought, or a linear correction that takes the ability to be the creator out of the member's hands.
  • A group with a sense of adventure in-character and an affinity for roleplay that allows us to travel and create as we go, though at the same time we balance our casual nights of campfire stories and talk alongside these rough and tumble antics.
  • A guild that takes a slightly more political approach to the situations and lifestyle of the trolls In-Character. Subsequently, their lifestyle itself becomes an important focus, as its representation comes part-in-parcel with the concept of safeguarding it and protecting their cultural identity.
  • A guild that fancies quality in roleplay and quality in community. We're firm believers that this activity is there for you to enjoy and get the best out of the money you pay to be here; those around you are entitled to the same. Respect is high on our list of values.

  • What we look for in a member:
  • A polite, considerate and mature conduct wherein if there is a problem or disagreement, it can be handled in a calm and respectful manner for the sake of both you and your peers.
  • Able to hold an appropriate tone in guild. We like our occasional silly moments with our cheeky jokes or swears, but we also like to keep our quota on f-bombs or sensitive topics to a minimum, IC very much included.
  • An expressed interest and understanding of lore, story and roleplay within the setting and an appreciation for adventure, character development and interacting within a group.
  • IC actions have IC consequences. We expect members to have the responsibility to accept the consequences of actions they may take according to the setting we roleplay in. For example beating up someone in the middle of the street in front of a guard will get you thrown in prison. In Roleplay you are obviously free to choose to do such actions, but you must have the maturity to accept the consequences they'd bring.
  • How to join:
    We want to get to know you! The Zulian Legacy aims to make recruitment a personal experience wherein you need only contact us in-game or through mail in game or the Argent Archives expressing that you're interested in joining and we will set up a meeting for you.

    Class Restrictions:
    To stay faithful to the theme some restrictions on character classes are in order.

    Warlocks who dabble in demonic magic will not be accepted.
    Deaths Knights will 'usually' not be accepted.
    (More info on our FAQ below)

    Non Darkspear trolls:
    For roleplay beginners or the 'yet unacquainted with troll lore' we strongly suggest not attempting to tackle a tribe other than Darkspear.

    Revantusk and Shatterspear will be fully welcomed as being faithful allies of the Darkspears and the Horde.

    Tribes other than Darkspear, Shatterspear or Revantusk: At this moment we do not accept characters from other tribes besides the three mentioned above.

    Zandalari: Not before Battle for Azeroth. Sorry.

    Argent Archives page at:


    Do you have a uniform?
    No we do not. We have a tabard designed but its usage is not mandatory. Just use anything fitting for your character and background.

    Do you accept Ice Trolls/Sand trolls/etc?
    I am afraid not. Membership is exclusive to troll tribes and races of the Horde, those being Darkspear, Reventusk and Shatterspear.
    Note: In Battle of Azeroth we will consider extending membership for Zandalari trolls that are not part of Zul's Armada, but not before then.

    What about Warlocks or Death Knights? There are Troll Warlock npcs.
    While Trolls are known users of dark and shadow magic and we do accept those that wield it, we draw the line at consorting with demons. So we can take in a warlock if he's a practioneer of the dark arts or an hexxer, however we feel demons would be a corruption of the troll way of life.
    As for Death Knights it's a more straightforward case. They are undead and as such it is seen as denying Bwon'samdi, the prime Loa of the Darkspear. We do however make exceptions like for example let's say a DK made a deal with Bwon'samdi to use his undeath to give him souls.
    In both cases, we have a chat with the player to check if his character would fit the concept and the possibility.
    Our official relaunch and first gathering will be tomorrow, tuesday the 23rd at 19.00 server time. Feel free to poke us if you want to check it out or just RP with us. ;)
    Nice to see you back on a track. Good luck!
    Da Zulian Legaceh be back! *starts dancing and playing the drums*
    Good to see you guys making a return! Looking forward to future RP with you guys!

    Please add your information in this post as well to give even more info to all awesome troll players.

    22/01/2018 20:13Posted by Nazka

    While Trolls are known users of dark and shadow magic and we do accept those that wield it, we draw the line at consorting with demons. So we can take in a warlock if he's a practioneer of the dark arts or an hexxer, however we feel demons would be a corruption of the troll way of life.

    Am I correct in thinking that a troll warlock an apply as long has he/she isn't a warlock ic? So no demons running around, etc or only if they are ooc? And would a warlock who is a hexxer ic be trusted by the tribe or will the warlock-part still come out somehow? :)
    23/01/2018 12:13Posted by Zulzekka

    Please add your information in this post as well to give even more info to all awesome troll players.


    Will do. Thank you.

    23/01/2018 13:02Posted by Aeliyn
    22/01/2018 20:13Posted by Nazka

    While Trolls are known users of dark and shadow magic and we do accept those that wield it, we draw the line at consorting with demons. So we can take in a warlock if he's a practioneer of the dark arts or an hexxer, however we feel demons would be a corruption of the troll way of life.

    Am I correct in thinking that a troll warlock an apply as long has he/she isn't a warlock ic? So no demons running around, etc or only if they are ooc? And would a warlock who is a hexxer ic be trusted by the tribe or will the warlock-part still come out somehow? :)

    Warlock as in "practicioner of the black arts and magic" are accepted. We only draw the line at the demons. So yeah, no demons running around IC etc. As for using a warlock to portray an hexxer or any other archetype that's absolutly fine and trusted. ;) Trolls embrace the darker side of magic.
    *A poster with a mask drawn on it can be seen throughout cities and settlements "Trolls of the Horde. Do ya feel our identity being forgotten? Do ya think da Empires of old are never coming back yet in your heart you long for greatness? Do you feel safe in the Horde yet you feel your heritage drifting away? Do ya crave to work towards a bright future for us all and for yourself? If you feel as we feel then join in Darkspear Hold on the Echo Isles on the 23rd and together we will uphold the Legacy of us all. For tha Horde!"*

    Our first gathering and launch will begin shortly after 19.00 server time today. If you are curious what this is all about or if you just want to RP with us feel free to drop by.
    We will be hosting the public event "Nights on the Echo Isles" tomorrow starting at 19.30 and going on through the evening. Hope to see you there. ;)

    And tomorrow Sunday the 24th of February we are going on a hunt to Ungoro at 19.30. Any trolls that wish to tag along give us a poke. ;)
    Kosharg festival was great and tomorrow we can be found at the Funeral event hosted by Hanazu/Zocalo: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618073819

    After that we are to take part in the barrens campaign "Sent to the Savannah" https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617026975
    "Darkspear never die."

    An adage as simple and imposing as the trolls themselves, one sounded out upon every battlefield the tribe of exiles, now survivors and precursors of a new age of trollkind showed their natural affinity for war.

    The bodies of his tribesmen strewn about the Battlescar tested Tanshi's grit and belief in that adage. Skewered, scorched and obliterated bodies of trolls, feared amidst the Alliance for their resilience through both battle and history, now dead, forgotten amidst the dusty trenches of the Barrens.

    A three-digited fist was clenched, blood seeping into his handwraps, only for that creeping, frothing fury to be tempered by a thoughtful spirit: "Vengeance." Thoughtful, but not any less of a troll.

    A footman, just as lost as he was in the aftermath of the latest skirmish hobbled his way through the dust clouds. Tanshi's stance spread itself, his movements flowing like a breeze through the reeds, contrasting to the explosive, impact of his palm-hand strike, a gale wind, into the human's chest piece, crumbling under the disproportionate strength of a troll and his Spirit working as one.

    Men bled and broke with such ease. The troll's spirit raged and roared inwards at his forebears, at his tribe and himself for allowing these frail mongrels to drive trollkind ever closer to the brink.

    The troll hunched down. The man could not witness his unmaker, his eyes hazy and red from the internal damage a single strike from a troll had wrought.

    Tanshi lifted his arm with a steadiness uncommon of a tusked beast with an Alliance soldier at his mercy...

    "DARKSPEAR NEVER DIE, KOR'KRON!" A frothing, just rage screamed out at the pinned orc, beaten.


    Fists struck down. Blood splattering and a skull's pieces being shattered.

    Over, and over.

    Vengeance for his people.

    A tug on Tanshi's arm, an axe swung.

    Excruciating pain and defeat.

    Tanshi's spear-handed strike stabbed through the throat, the man's ruined airways failing to rise a dying breath before he'd died. With little following ceremony to a slain foe's passing, Tanshi made haste to the Horde's side of the trenches.

    The Darkspear have learned through humiliation, exile, defeat, betrayal and Cataclysm. They are the last ones standing in war, with their honor intact, or otherwise.

    The Darkspear never die, for they are the ones carry the Legacy of trollkind. The humans and their lapdogs, tyrannical orcs or upstart Warchief's shall not be allowed to forget that ever again.

    Having fun in the Savannah campaign!
    Aftermath of the Savannah campaign:

    Back in the isles, no more elves, humans, worgen with hair loss issues, tiny gnomes or so called wise pandaren on about neutrality. The troll walked along the sandy beach, a head swayed back and forth beside him as he spoke. "Well, I be thinking what I be doing with you now. Sure I can think of some things to make from you." The troll lifted the head and smiled at the dead eyes. "Always something to help my kind to kill your kind no doubt."

    With a laugh, Jat Von tossed the head into the air and caught it again as he continued down the sandy beach, heading back towards the lit huts in the distance. No doubt he would be up all night as he worked on what needed to be done so at least the skull could be shrunk down.

    For tonight, he felt strong and proud. Strong for the Tribe, strong for the Horde but also proud of both. He lifted up the head again as he approached his hut and smiled at the head again. "Good you be passing message to my mate, no doubt they kill you again." He tossed the head into a basket and looked about, it was time to get to work.
    The Zulian Legacy's first persistent plotline has kicked into gear.

    Through events and interactions, our members may now begin to see a story unfold in the months leading up to Battle for Azeroth, by way of hints and breadcrumbs in our casual RP and events. Recent quirks in Orgrimmar and this excerpt tickled our imaginations:
    Shadows of the Horde, Chapter 23:
    She glanced down into the fire for a moment. “So I found myself surprised, dere at Zouchin, when one of my warriors be showing me a footprint I recognized so easily. By that time, of course, our spies within the Horde had passed on stories of your disappearance.

    Spies! As far back as Mists of Pandaria. So we are going all in playing with the idea of our enemies - Zul's Zandalari, who are the counter to the Legacy's own philosophies - active both at home and abroad in a long term plot that will foreshadow what we currently know of Zandalar's questing and storylines.
    Something lurks in the shadows of Orgrimmar.

    It dances on the periphery and slips away into the broiling crowds when glanced. It loiters in Cleft of Shadows, in the Drag, the Valley of Honor. It passes as one of us. But it isn't.

    There have been Darkspears who seem unfamiliar with how the roads wind in the city. There have been Revantusks whose jaws have tensed at the sight of visiting blood elves across the way. Then there have been those whose skins seem too bronzed by the sun or those too thick of hide or broad of shoulder, cloaked in the hope their distinctions may go unnoticed.

    But the latter are a carelessness that cost whoever is behind these prying eyes. The Legacy, suspecting there is more to this than a few trolls looking for an easy way to die, are now aware. And they are watching.

    While this plotline is for The Zulian Legacy, we welcome any who would wish to join us for RP if this strikes their interest.
    On a weekend night, the shadows perusing Orgrimmar finally strayed too far into sight and peeled back to reveal a network of spies loyal to the Prophet Zul.

    Three trolls of the Legacy converged to share their observations on an auspicious evening. They had known of the Darkspears who seemed unfamiliar with the winding roads of the city, and of the cloaked trolls with skin too bronzed, beforehand. They hadn't expected for one to be watching at that very moment.

    They had the watching troll take a bait. They found a brazier that their enemies had been using as a signal within the cleft of shadows. They discovered the drop point of their intelligence. Once they got their hands on the spying Farraki, they also learned he was but one of many who were being directed from Ratchet, a way-gate into Horde territories, by a mysterious jungle troll thought to be a Gurubashi.

    And so the Legacy's eyes set upon port town of Ratchet, wherein the winding back alleys, this network of the Prophet Zul's spies have managed to cloak themselves in amidst the bustling waves of travelling folk from around the world.

    The plot's-a-movin'.

    Additionally, we deny any rumours that we stuck that Farraki's head over a fire pit to get him chatting. We'd never do that.
    Had some lovely secret plot RP (shhhh) with these folks recently, can't recommend them enough. Darkspear represent!
    25/04/2018 02:38Posted by Zuntulo
    Had some lovely secret plot RP (shhhh) with these folks recently, can't recommend them enough. Darkspear represent!

    The intrigue is simply killing me. Thank you for the kind words, Zuntulo!

    In the midst of surprise assassinations, troll-related kerfuffles in Orgrimmar and all manner of shenanigans that's made up a really good week for us, we have a small statement regarding the recruitment of Shadow Hunters specifically:
    Various Sources and TZL's unpublished guild booklet cause Zulzi's lazy:
    Shadow Hunters are a prestigious caste of troll society for their connection to the loa - and a popular choice for a troll roleplayer. They exist aloof from the every day hierarchy of the tribes and nations they are sworn to watch and protect. Being greatly respected comes with an element of fear, for it is these trolls who carry out the will of the loa, and enact their judgement.

    To this end, with the special checks we've had in place with their recruitment and to keep their ratio in our guild's class composition believable, for the time being we are pretty satisfied with the current number and won't be considering the addition of more shadow hunters for a little while.

    This doesn't apply to characters that are considering the shadow hunter as a path in their later development - something we're all too happy to facilitate on your adventures over time. A future post will appear when we're all good to go again.
    Last night, The Zulian Legacy followed the lead they had gained thanks to the Farraki spy's loose lips. They rode into the port town of Ratchet on raptorback at dusk, when the sounds of drunken sailor songs carried down from the tavern and laughter rose from the street corners where gamblers rolled dice.

    As travellers of all shapes and sizes from ships making port for the night milled about the streets, the Legacy kept an eye out for one kind in particular; signs of suspicious trolls. They were, of course, here to find the Gurubashi said to be orchestrating the network of spies in Orgrimmar, and after watching the streets carefully, they tracked him to an old disused dockhouse from where he pulled the strings.

    Strangely, once his identity had been revealed by Shadow Hunter Al'ruu, the Gurubashi was all too happy to admit his part in taking advantage of the various agendas of troll's outside the Horde, in order to get eyes and ears in Orgrimmar.
    "De trolls dat come to me got a myriad of reasons for wanting to step through the gates of Orgrimmar. Some, like me, battled with the Horde - and dey wish to murder the one who scarred their flesh in their beds as an act of revenge.

    Some, like Rulazai, the Skullsplitter, has lost everything - but one thing. De Horde be a stepping stone she can use to travel freely before disappearing into the wilderness, to raise her child away from what she deems to be our 'madness'.

    Some simply be doing the good work of the Prophet, because dey are true believers. Certainly if dey be doing it in Zul's name, dat helps. If not, my heart don't bleed. I don't begrudge dem. Simply, I got what dey want - so dey will do what I want."

    Knowing this was his last scheme and the wrath he would face over his discovery would be severe, Ganchulo the Gurubashi then resigned to his fate.

    The aforementioned Skullsplitter, Rulazai, also had some interesting things to say when approached, giving us the moniker of a larger player behind all this: The White Snake. The plot thickens.

    Also wanted to give our thanks to Juronga, who joined us in the midst of this mad hatter's tea party. Remember, we welcome those who wish to get in on these shenanigans of ours, simply contact me or Tanshi.

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