Log in issues - Black screen on character screen

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Same here. I didn't managed to make the prepurchase as it seems it's impossible to add a new card and now this...

I already see Taliesin and Evitel: Everything went absolutely great on Tuesday. Everyone was ha... No! It was a sh**show, obviously!
0,02 $ per hour, Blizzard hope the refund. (hope u guys like my warrior xmog) :)
This is happening to everyone, not just those who preordered.
Launcher downloaded small patch (and forums seemed to go offline for 5 mins) but still no improvement
I am having the same problem.
It's not purchase related. I did not try to purchase anything, but also get the black screen. I was playing without a problem two hours ago but now can't get in anymore.
Just got in, cant log in
Another !@#$ show from blizzard
You guys didn't buy the Blizzard Premium Pass did you?

Priority queues, speedy logins?
same here.

Yes I got black screen to, and no characters loading.
WTB all my chars back

Pls Blizz
An update was just applied but still have the same issue
It's up running everyone!
I just wonder why do they have to do this kind of things the last night before the reset? So many people try to do the last quests, last dungeons and so on. Why do anything that might brake the game! That is just stupid. And its not the first time a new thing just mess things up.
Still can't login,
It shows me i have characters now on the serverlists but when logging to my character selection screen it wont show any of my actual characters
yeap same here. black screen and the only options i have is to change realm n press back. no characters showing and after a while i get a msg "unable to load characters" but im pretty sure they ll fix soon as usual
holy mother of god we're in!

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