Duo tanks LF Raiding Guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello, we are a 940 Prot Paladin and 936 Guardian Druid Duo.

We are looking for a Guild that raids at least two times in the week on thursdays, saturdays and sundays.

Our prefered time would be from 19:30ish to 22:30ish (+1) time.

The Paladin has Mythic experience and the Druid has AOTC in the current tier.

Contact me : Bnet ID = Zoeëy#2826
Contact my friend : Bnet ID = Blessedspark#2749 & Discord = Blessedspark#5851
Hi Aliaani
If you are willing to server/faction change. We are currently rebuilding our raid team after some of our guild decided they wanted to go and do their own thing, we generally raid twice a week Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday or Sunday depending on peoples work commitments, if you are interested in building something good with experienced raiders then contact me
Is all you have 2 tanks? It's hard enough to fit one tank into an established team, leave alone to.
Hello, I don't know if you've found a new home yet, but we would have spots for 2 tanks on alliance The Sha'tar. We currently have 2 tanks, one of them is rather busy with work so can't make raids and our other tank has fluctuating work shifts so she can't make every raid due to evening/night shifts. So you might have to dps every now and then or sit out depending on signs. You also can't always tank together.
We're 11/11HC&N and 1/11M currently. We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun 17-20 server time. Sunday is usually reserved for a normal run. If you'd like to have a chat you can add me on bnet NasaSajosee#2881

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