M+ Tank 2,3K RIO LF Team

Looking for Players – PvE

Prot warrior(yes lol-lol prot in +m...) LF for a relaxed, mature stabile team yet with the drive to running keys 17-18 and push beyond that into 20's. I play just for the challenge and fun. A goal of mine would to be to do a set of each dungeon +20 in time before BfA.

Im am not looking for a 100% dead serious class optimizing team/players.

Playtimes: ~19:30-22:30 CET most week nights and usually fri/sat/sunday same times
Preferred days playing: A couple of evenings(2-4) each week
Age: Pref 25+
Voice com: Yes, but kinda the silent Bob type


ID: JohnnyTex#2830

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