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Over my role playing life time on Argent Dawn, I've had dozens of ideas for events, campaigns or just little activities to get up to with guilds and friends. Some I have used, some I haven't!

I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone has ideas for events or campaigns that they never got to throw, either because they couldn't find the time, thought of it too late or simply do what I do so often and panic at the last minute and don't throw one.

Who knows! Maybe someone will like one of your ideas and use it themselves! Maybe they'll invite you!


In terms of events I had one major one I fancied.

After watching the animated version of Castlevania on Netflix, well worth a watch by the by, in particular an episode that highlights people being trapped in their cities as Dracula's monsters roam the lands, I had an idea for a similarly themed event. My idea was to have people role play as civilians or basic foot soldiers living in a frontier town or village, either during the Scourge of Lordaeron or more recently with the Legion. The whole premise of the event would be trying to avoid or fend off the undead/demons and escape, with the very real threat of death as your unskilled character is unlikely to be able to fend off the enemy if discovered. Though the event would only last a few hours, I considered time skipping during it to simulate the passing of days wherein people would be forced to scour for food or water.

For this event I simply never got around to it. Never had a guild at the time the inspiration struck either so would likely have had to relied on making a post on the forums of the archives! Maybe I'll do it one day.


1. I always fancied doing 'retro' campaigns, set during previous expansions or even before Wow. This would involve using your current character (if they were around during the campaign) or making one for the campaign. In particular I fancied doing one set during the Scourging of Lordaeron. This would involve a romanticized and likely slightly lore bendy interpretation of the Scourging, perhaps having it take several weeks of pitched battles where the players are rapidly pushed back, seeing their friends fall in battle and be raised and what not. I always liked the idea of defeat being possible or even guaranteed during events and campaigns and I think this in particular is why I like the Scourge idea so much.

In my mind this campaign would have lasted a week, maybe two with possible time skips. It would start off likely with the fall of Andorhal or Stratholme and gradually we would see greater volumes of Scourge and outposts and towns falling until the final event sees you killed or fled.

2. This campaign I might still do some day. I had this idea of an island being discovered by the Alliance at some point after or during Cataclysm. Initial scouting reports would suggest the island is rich with ores and minerals, full of farmable land and rich with game, an ideal find for the Alliance! Unable to commit too heavily during a time of war to the island, the Alliance would only be able to send a small force to establish a colony and gradually settle the land. The waters around the colony are rough and full of peril, so only a single ship is sent a month with supplies and fresh colonists.

Skipping ahead to present day, the governor of the colony sends representatives back with the supply ship, stating that the colony is now fully built and he is looking for Alliance nobles and merchants to buy up land, or sell smaller plots to would be landowners. These charismatic representatives would offer the land to anyone who could afford it and would encourage guild leaders and noble house leaders to send their forces over to settle or explore.

Of course when the gang finally arrive, all is not as it seems. The promised land of rich bounty is rather more desolate. The ore is tainted and impure, the land is not as fertile as it appeared and the wildlife is vicious, thick swamp makes moving around the island difficult. Of course, given that the boat only arrives once a month, players would be marooned on the island for a month, forced to make the best of their investment in land. At the end of the month, players could leave when the boat returns, perhaps having at least made their money back, perhaps having lost all of their investment.

I thought this idea had a lot of range. It could be the island is cursed and the players can try to break the curse working together or against each other. Maybe the island is just a bit rank and in need of tlc. I had notions that a first batch of players could arrive week one, perhaps with a second group arriving week two, having been lost at sea for a time. I also wanted to push the idea upon people that they could really lose a lot of their in character wealth, from noble houses facing bankruptcy to individuals finding their pensions up in smoke. Of course players could sit in the colony's capital city and complain about it but they'd only be losing money that they could potentially make if they managed to get their land... serviceable.

I intended to use the pre-Mists Theramore as the colony itself with the marsh making up the island.

Anyway! Those are my ideas for events and campaigns I got particularly excited about one day then never got around to doing. I hope you'll share yours and maybe even use other people's ideas to help flesh out your own sometime!
I'll admit, setting some stories in the past is an interesting idea. Unfortunately I feel it'd only really work in the circumstance that everyone's characters actually knew each other at that point in time.

I don't really have any event/campaign ideas that have eluded me, but I do have a theme I've enjoyed playing out in the past that I feel others may enjoy.

The Spiritwalker's Story - Your group gathers around a wiseman's campfire and smokes a mind-altering herb. During the session, the wiseman begins a tale. The characters within this story are assigned to the individuals of the group based on their character traits. They can then be lead by the wiseman's narration through the established storyline, however they are able to alter the outcome of the story based on what they choose to make the characters do during the story. It has no "real-world" implications and allows for your group to experience a permadeath situation without losing their own character.

Elements of this can be changed to suit your group's needs. Swap the herb for waters of vision, or a magical hypnosis. Swap a wiseman for a simple story-teller. The sky's the limit.
The Hand of Fate campaign, the Argus-set campaign which never was:

I wanted to make a RP-Campaign which would be able to make use of the events on Argus in the storyline, but without using any of the Argus zones, so as to get around phasing. I put a lot of effort into the preparatory work, but people either simply didn't like the concept, or were busy at the time it was planned (the slot was quite campaign heavy), so it was cancelled.

Eventually I took concepts from it and used them for the Revenge of the Sethekk campaign instead. The materials I wrote for the Hand of Fate are completely open source and can be used by anyone in their RP-storylines and events.
Back when I once tried to lead my own dwarven guild, I wrote a very elaborate and long story regarding titan secrets that were supposed to be discovered through a dungeon-crawl type adventure, it had I think eight paths it could lead, so the outcome would not be the same regardless of what you decided to do, some would lead to a much greater reward- others would leave to a something perilous that for example, cursed the group.

I ended up losing motivation when activity dipped and I then scratched the entire thing, I think I still have it saved on my old PC, should I ever want to use it.
I had a campaign in mind, that i sadly dont think will see the light of day.
The idea involves night Time Operations, doing the broken shore. Raiding Cultist camps around the shore, taking out Nightborne Patrols in Surama and general weaken the Legions efforts. However, as I plan, it just seems a tad too big to even get a grip of and so i left it behind.

However, I might use some of it for the new Xpack when it comes.

As for event.
I once had a rather well plan events for a small all type unit, to slowly weed out those that dint fit in or could handle the pressure, like test. Sadly, i had to see it fall apart before i got to it.
I always get new ideas... This is just some of my more preplan ones that fell apart. A night type event quest line.

I always fancy night events, they seem a tad hard and takes lots of effort to complet. Both IC and OOC. And i do mean in the dead of night, pitch black.
I had an idea for a campaign to hunt and bring to justice a magistrix and her cohorts who had consumed the power from an Old God relic to become Shadow Elves, but we decided against it.

To think, I could have been a prophet.
11/01/2018 11:48Posted by Destroyer
I had an idea for a campaign to hunt and bring to justice a magistrix and her cohorts who had consumed the power from an Old God relic to become Shadow Elves, but we decided against it.

To think, I could have been a prophet.

I like the idea that the magistrix would be rotting in a cell somewhere only to learn "Oh, sure, it's fine when Alleria does it!"

I've been mulling over the idea of a sort of inter-guild 'PvP' wargame, either to be run using my own guild split into two teams - if member numbers allow - or co-operating with another guild. This would be a training scenario or competition more than anything.

The gist would be a keep assault, ideally in Caer Darrow due to it's naturally fortified position and the three cannons atop the walls. A few different stages, like breaching the gate/walls to get into the keep; fighting in the courtyard and the approach to the keep proper; breaching and clearing the interior and finally reaching the top level - the 'victory' point.

Two teams, one for assault and one for defence, with a mix of DMed warnings "The cannons fire, yadda yadda, roll to not get blown up" and some sort of system so that the players can fight each other, but I never quite pinned down the most effective way of making this work. Roll battles are janky, emote battles often cause arguments, and duels are unbalanced.

Winning conditions would be whoever completes the assault fastest and with the least amount of casualties for their team.
I just came up with a fun idea for a campaign though I would never host it:

Azshara has requested another assault at Vash'ir where a sizable naga garrison could be made in the ruins and used as a staging point to overtake Stormwind and Broken Isles.

As soon as the invasion begun Alliance and Horde have been notified and have sent as much of their fleet as they could spare (So pretty much just merc ships) and then as the guilds of Alliance Horde and neutrals aproach the shores of the small islands above Vash'ir, they are first assaulted by a giant whale shark agitated by the naga and then ambushed by the naga who use the krakens to sink most of the ships just like at the Vash'ir into just in greater number.

The surviving H, A and Neutrals fight desperately to survive and with great casualties manage to take shelter in few of the underwater caves (H, A and N caves respectivelly). Then from those caves they stage several surgical strikes and guerrilla attacks to cripple the most important Naga facilities and strategic locations thorough the ruins while also avoiding detection and attacks by the hostile wildlife.

While doing that, the old god minion working with the naga slowly sows paranoia and distrust among the allied forces, making them think the other side is going to betray them, and also several soldiers are found to actualy be disguised old god minions which further sows paranoia as there is no way to discern between the actual ally or a hidden minion, so no one can be trusted.

In this chaos, the allied forces must find a way to deal with the old god minion, mend the broken trust, get rid of the infiltrators and find a way to stop the naga operations in Vash'ir before it is too late.

Personally I prefer campaigns where we are at a huge disadvantage, often lose and have to regroup and have to play smart in order to survive and defeat the enemy rather than just come, make a solid stand and then just beat the crap out of them left and right.
I've always thought an event where several guilds took part in events to mirror in-game battles like the siege of Org back in the day or more recently taking suramar would of been cool, where they were all splintered in different parts of the city with their own DMs before converging and helping the other teams but I was never in a position to organise it, or even would want the stress of trying to organise a multi-guild, multi-DM event like that.

As a Troll character back in 5.3/4 I loved my character reacting to Vol'jin's attempted assassination and then joining the eventual rebellion but man i'd of loved a server-wide DM'd Siege of Orgrimmar to be in.

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