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Today I bought World of Warcraft on the recommendation of a colleague and after a few hours of download and installation, I was finally able to start playing. But I was strongly recommended to look for a guild at the beginning. After all, World of Warcraft is a game you play with others - and the guild can of course help me in one way or another.

I was also taught not to join an X-any guild, but to always pay attention to what this guild can offer me. After all, that would be my first experience with other players in the game - and it could be the last. Also, I was advised not to join any newly formed or pure fun guild - for whatever reason.

I wonder, of course, which guild wants me at all? A newcomer brings nothing, just annoying questions and always wants to be pulled along. Well, I certainly do not belong to this strain! I would like to get to know and understand the game myself - but if I ever need help, I want to be able to count on the guild as well. I think that should be understandable enough.

But if one or the other has decided to contact me, I can write down my Battle-Tag here:


Well, first things first, I'd like to welcome you to the game.

It is a fun game, and if you find time and place for it, you'll love it. It was a big part of my youth and now my life, because of all my socialisation here with awesome people who became my friends in real life, and all that was throughout many guilds I have been in. When you find a guild that is suited to your style, your gameplay, it is one of a kind feeling, because you play the game with likeminded people which increase fun by two times. Now, that can happen in your first guild, or in my case years later.

I have decided to form my own guild back on Warlords of Draenor, and it has been one of a kind experience, because I have met people that taught me something new every time, some left, some stayed. We have been pretty strong guild over an expansion, but we took some pause from raiding last few months, so we are now back and reforming. We could offer you fun times, plenty of loot, help through leveling and end game, as well as fun community and friendship in your time in game.

Keep in mind that you are currently on Orc Character which is Horde faction, and that means you cannot join us, but if you decide to switch over to better side (Alliance ;) ), we are based on Maghteridon realm, so feel free to let me know if you would like to join us.

And happy gaming and future raiding!
Our guild Arcadian on Aggramar/Hellscream Alliance always welcomes socials to our guild as well as new players. We're active and we have a discord you can hop into and ask questions or just chill. I also am the poster of the "Helpful People Thread" on the newcomers forum. I have kept it updated and going for multiple years now. I'm always happy to help any newbies out with any questions about the game. Feel free to add me on Jani#2877 :)

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