[Pandaren – A/RP] The Wun Dynasty - Story Update 11.0

Argent Dawn
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Story Update 9.0: An Unwelcome Visitor

With our Tavern in Boralus thriving, the Dynasty resumes it's attention in preparations for the conflict with the Horde. Yet a threat from the past came back to light in the least expected of moments. A Witch of the Jade Forest assumed the form of the Madam, stealing a family heirloom that gives her power over the bloodline!

The most curious though fact of this incident is that the Pandaren Witch has followed the Dynasty in secret since our arrival in Boralus. She observed and plot her moves until she secured the help of a remnant coven of Drustvar Witches. Even if their magics are not of the same origin, it is theorized they are after the same thing in an alliance of convenience.

After gathering what information they could concerning this threat, the Pandaren prepare to hunt down the witches in Drustvar as the lingering shadow has not yet departed from the land following the defeat of Lady Waycrest and several smaller covens still operate in the region.
Story Update 10.0: The Wicked Witch

Even with all the time that has passed since the fall of Lady Waycrest's Coven, the forests of Drustvar cast their their underworldly shadows upon the narrow paths leading to Corlain.

Seeking to return the stolen heirloom, the Pandaren and their allies found themselves inside the cursed woods, facing the remnants of the Coven supporting the Wicked Witch. Their adventure put them against cultists, unholy magic and a despicable curse threatening to be cast upon Chang!

In a monumental battle inside one of Corlain's many empty now manors, the Dynasty prevailed and put an end to the imposter's misdeeds.

Now the Pandaren prepare to return home as their assistance is needed to protect Pandaria. Meanwhile their fleet is arming and their sails are replaced with Alliance blue, as they turn their attention to Horde activity in the South Pandarian Sea.
After dealing with a mantid incident, the Wun Guard and Lantern Monks have returned to civilisation. Thank you to Chyou'ka for the campaign!

We will be proceeding with our upcoming tavern night as usual.
In about two weeks irl time, the Brethren will attempt to steal something from Pandaria. Would you want to be involved in this event? Maybe providing some counter effect to it all?
We are currently a little occupied with the Zandalar campaign and a few other plots we are chasing. Perhaps in the future!

We have been lately in a campaign jumping state that kept us mostly occupied.

Story Update 11.0: Facing the Horde

Pandaria is once more safe for the time being as result of the Joint Pandaren Expedition against the rising Matrid threat. Now the time has finally come for the Pandaren of the Dynasty to join the Alliance forces against the Horde.

After assisting their friends form the Red Sparrow with a local concern and the Draenei of the Tribunal in Bloodmyst to protect civilians from Forsaken raiders who made their lair in the region, the Pandaren now turn their attention south and the Zandalari Fleet.

It is of paramount importance for the security of the South Pandarian Sea that the Horde is denied naval dominion. Thankfully the Alliance Naval Command agree with this notion and thus the Dynasty's forces prepare themselves for the upcoming Invasion of Zandalar.
Good job keeping the Pandaren RP up!

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