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Looking for Players – PvE
Good Morning/Afternoon,

Ive been playing On and Off since Vanilla and played Quite a lot at the start of Legion and burnt myself out a bit. However I've spent the last Month pottering around doing Heroic clears in Antorus, World Quests and spamming +15 keys.
The Aim
I would like to find myself a spot in an active Mythic Progression guild ideally in a friendly team pushing. Right now i have no preconceptions of raid spots or loot i am purely looking for the chance of a new home with likeminded individuals.
My Experience spans from years of being the potential Wow swiss army knife, i have had multiple realm first clears with previous guilds, i have lead 25man teams, i have also lead Rated bgs and arenas both up to 2700 rated with over 17 sets of elite and unobtainable items across 10 different characters.
I have printscreens and logs of previous Clears and Logs spanning 4 different characters.
Note Worthy Characters:
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ragnaros/mansneverhot (dontjudgeme :P)

English, Male Age 23
If you have made it this far down the post you might as well find out my personality :) - For work i am the HR Manager of 130 staff specialising in Employment Law and Critical criminology.

Outside of work: I Work out twice a day,i love drinking socialising and being the complete opposite of my Work personality. I have 3 dogs, one being a sassy black pug named Frank.

Battletag jake#2883
Discord Jake#5355
Hey Jake,

Ascendance are looking to add committed players to its raid team as we progress through Mythic, we have just opened up a spot for a Disc Priest, which I see you have, If you'd be interested in raiding with this toon we may be able to work something out.

We are currently 2/11 mythic and looking to push through the next few bosses as quickly as we can, we clear heroic weekly as well so getting you geared up to mythic level should be easy, especially if you're running mythic + as well.

Would be good to have a chat so I'll add your Btag and hopefully speak soon.

HI there,

Vindicta Nocturna located on kazzak (Horde) is looking for Holy / Ret paladins

our raid times are Wed / Thur and Sun (sometimes even Tue if all are available and if its needed ) -- from 23:00 - 02:00 Server time

if interessted, apply on https://vindictanocturna.wowhordes.com
or whisper me on bnet Trulex#2575
Good evening,
Gordian knot is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, based on Draenor Horde.

We're always looking for skilled, competitive, dedicated and friendly players.
Our current progress is 3/11M - 11/11Hc Antorus.

We raid every Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, from 20.00 to 23.00 realm time.
Required attendance for the raider rank is 70% over a period of 6 weeks which means approximately 2 raids per reset.

Here you can check our rules:
And here you can apply to join us:

We are very active, we run many mythic+ dungeons, we have an alt run on Thursdays. We're also doing RBGs every Friday.

We're generally relaxed, funny and very friendly people.
When it comes to progress runs, we become very focused instead and we have a decent kill flow.

If you're interested for a chat please whisper one of our officers:
Jenquai - Athlios#2283
Leleko - Leleko#2235
Narweena - Sephyra#2517

Thanks for reading and good luck in your search :)

Frozen Wrath are looking for a pala healer. We are on Kazzak realm and are currently 2/11 Mythic. We have chilled raiding on Wednesday and Monday 20:00-23:00 server time. We would definitely be interested in having a chat with you if you are interested.

My bnet is: Saetharia#2998

Good luck in your search,

Hey Allda,

looking at what your after. [H] Panopticon - ragnaros. i think looks like a potential suitable new home for you. we are also on same server so dont have any added expense in server / Faction Transfers.

Our Core is filled with Ex hardcore players from old expansions looking to progress at a decent level and pace without any of the old hardcore nonsense.

Currently we raid 2 days a week (5 hours a week) on wed and sun. with optional raids for clears and alts etc on Thursdays and sat. so far we are 3/11M Antorus.

we keep things simple and use discord for all our important guild info etc.

Feel free to take a look at our official Forum post with a link to Application form.


All the best with wherever you end up.

Raid leader of Panopticon
Hello there! If you dont mind have a look at our guild!

Faction: Horde
Server: Chromaggus
Guild name: Redemption
Contact: Ahikhe#2939 Azilor#2489(Selîa)
Guild size or Mythic: Mythic
Guild type: PvE semi hardcore/casual aspect/3 day
Raid time and days : Thursday, Sunday, Monday from 23:30 till 01:30.

We will start invite's at 23:15. If people want to stay longer than 01:30 we can extend the raid another hour, till people wanna leave!

So far our progress is normal on farm (Thursday) And heroic is on 8/11
We expect to have heroic cleard this week and start mythic next week!

We are using discord as communication!

What do we expect from you?

We expect that you know the tactics and do everything in your power to help the raid to get more progress,

What you can expect from us is every bit of the social expect. Help if you need mythic+, And in raids we provide for the guild repairs. We also sell flask's for 70% of the AH price!

At this moment we are looking for a healer, Pref a druid / paladin.

For the rest we are looking for dps!

If you just feel like joining the guild as a social that is np aswell!
Kings Of Blood is a raiding guld. We are on Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem EU servers. We are looking for DPS + healers for our raiding team. We are a dedicated social/raiding guild. We are currently 11/11 HC Antorus and 1/11 Mythic Antorus. Raiding from 20:30-23:00 ST Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
We need more solid and stable players that doesn't mind us joking around and kill bosses while we are having fun :)

The guild was made 5 years ago. Me and my friend started this guild, and now we got a lot of people and we are like a family :) We focus on the social aspect of the game, but we are serious when it comes to raiding. We like to have a lot of fun in the raids, and also likes to have a lot of fun in the guild chat and on TS3 aswell :) We do have a bit twisted sense of humor :).

We have a youtube channel where we post all of our first kills:


And we stream every raid:

Critzler - https://www.twitch.tv/critzler
Rosaliee - https://www.twitch.tv/rosaliee86

come and watch us and you can see if you like how we are as a guild :)

Our earlier progression:
DS 7/8 HC
SoO 10/14 HC (Before mythic came)
HFC 13/13 Mythic.
EN 7/7 Mythic
NH 6/10 Mythic
ToV 2/3 Mythic
ToS 5/9 Mythic

Add me or my missus on b-tag for more information:

Critzlerss21#2885 - Critzler

Bella#1965 - Rosaliee
: Hi there!

Thanks for sharing your post, i hope you find what you are looking for.
I run <Divided> on The Maelstrom server. (Horde) http://divided.enjin.com/
Our group consists of friends who have played the game together for about a year or so with currect progression: 6/7 EN M, 10/10 NH HC, 4/9 ToS M, 2/11 Antorus Mythic
Our raiding days: Monday - Wednesday 20.00 - 23.00 servertime (gmt+1)
Social Raids: Sunday 20.00 - 23.00 servertime (gmt+1)

While our guild is roughly one year old, we need thoose few more players to start heading into mythic raids and to complete the core team.
We are recruiting all classes and socials but for raiding we are particularly interested in ranged dps.

Most of us in the guild have fulltime jobs or studies and we have an average age around 20.
Myself being 30 years of age, having 3 kids and a fulltime job i clearly understand the necessity of sleep and real life chores. I would really like to hear from you, should our presentation make you curious for more.
Have a good one!

Tsn of Divided
B.tag: Sebastian#23194
Our recruitment post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617772722
<Nihilism> (Draenor EU)

A NEW relaxed casual guild looking For More Players for our mythic/heroic mains/Alt raid teams(5/11M)(11/11hc).

We raid Wed/Thu/Mon from 9pm-12pm server time, and also do a load of mythic+ dungeons during the week.

Most of the guild is made up of a very strong core of people who have also been raiding since vanilla.

if you have any questions please contact me on Jaydee#2274.
Hi there

We (Divergents - Silvermoon) are looking for more members to strengthen our numbers for mythic progression.

Our current progress is 2/11M.

We raid on wednesday & monday 21:00 - 23:30 server time.
On thursday there is an alt/social run in either normal or heroic antorus, depending on the group.
On other evenings there are most of the times things going on as some mythic+, occasional pvp etc...

More information about us you can find in this topic : https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618022083

U can also contact me on Battlenet : Slaxx#2919

We look forward to hearing from you.

Insurrection-Dragonblight is recruiting for any role, and we believe that you would suit our role(s) perfectly!
We can offer you a trial raid and we are currently 5/11 Mythic.
We raid from 20:30 - 23:30 server time, 3 nights a week (Wednesday Sunday Monday)

If you would like to speak more message me on:

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