Profession Won't go past 700

Hi i used bfa boost my professions got boosted to 700 but the quest/thing to unlock upto 800 wont show up i've reloged a few times and done two none related quests still no luck :(
Similar problem here.

Alchemy/Herbalism/First Aid, all boosted to 700/700.

I was able to open 700/800 for Herbalism after harvesting in Azsuna.
I was able to open 700/800 for First Aid, but buying it in Dalaran.
However, the quest to open 700/800 for Alchemy is not showing up in Dalaran. I purchased all of the available recipes from the trainer in the shop, but nothing is available.

If there's no response in this thread in a few hours (long enough for me to sleep), I'll try contacting support directly. Even though the only support option for professions I can see right now is about mistakenly deleting a profession.
Same actually, but with tailoring. This was not my original profession, originally had leather working, but switched, but none of the basic legion tailoring quests show up ( and the first one should basically be there from 1 tailoring)
You need to make a gm ticket.
Can confirm this, trying to get the Legion Enchanting and Tailoring quests and getting no where, all I can do is open the trainer to buy patterns, and there is no option to by Legion Enchanting/Tailoring to get to 700-800 or the patterns. This gonna get fixed soon Blizz?
Support response.

Profession quests will not be available for 24 hours after a boost has been applied, to allow players to get used to their characters first before starting on other aspects of the game. Once 24 hours have passed since your boost was applied, these will become available to you.

Please also make sure you have your Low Level quests tracked on your minimap - they may not be visible to you otherwise, as they're now considered low level for you!

In case this is also an issue for you, we are aware that some players have had their profession boosted to level 700 instead of 800. Our developers are working to fix this as we speak. You can find our hotfixes here:

I'd keep an eye on this, as this is where we will post when the issue has been resolved.
Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know you can find more information on the level 110 boost and the 24-hour profession restriction for boosted characters here:

Note however the character boost does not actually boost professions to 800, but rather 700 instead.
I have similar problem with enchanting, but I didn't use any boost. I already have done all Legion quests, most of enchant on 3 start buts till 700/700 and no quest or something to rise cap to 800 ;(
make a gm ticket, community managers cant help you.
i just create a lvl 1 character and then i used boost 110. all ok. but when i learn the 2 primary proffetions was at lvl1/700. unbelievable :(
09/02/2018 13:45Posted by Rustybull
i just create a lvl 1 character and then i used boost 110. all ok. but when i learn the 2 primary proffetions was at lvl1/700. unbelievable :(

Read the boost description maybe? You get the profession boost only after hitting level 60 and then use the boost!
Yes, you only get a prof boost if you are 60+, has been so since boosts was introduced. Make sure you read what you buy. Same applies to those preordering BFA without reading the details about allied race aquisition.

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