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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a nice active and social raiding guild. I'm mostly interested in heroic raiding and M+ dungeons but I'm also happy to progress on some mythic bosses (currently 1/11).

I've been tanking and healing since burning crusade, played all expansions except WoD (only PvP there). I've all classes at lvl 110, but I prefer to play tank/healer roles.

I'm looking for a guild with raids at or after 19:00 due to work times mostly on work days and prefer mature guilds (20+ mostly).

My battletag is Flush#2544, please let me know if you have an open (mostly) tank spot in your team.

Hi mate,

We wouldn't mind taking a look at you with the view to commencing a trial. we are a 4/11m guild called geometry. We have just transferred with the majority of the core team to silvermoon but still have a few raider spots we need to fill so may be able to accommodate you, our tank can go dps if you are good enough.

To apply at

looking forward to hearing from you.

Patch xx
Hello Destrophy

We raid 3 nights a week, Wed, Thurs, Mon ( 19:45 - 21:30 ) server time.

We also have an optional normal run on the Sunday afternoon.

Here's a link to our recruitment post with more info

We'd love you to consider our guild (currently 11/11 HC building solid team for mythic push) about 18 raiders in our team at the moment, just looking for good players to fill it out.

There would be a spot for you as a tank too :) since one of our main tanks has discovered the thrill of dps and would like to change his main role to dps (but of course be a backup tank for those real life emergencies)

if you are interested to have a chat, please add me on bnet fuge#2659
I added you on bnet Snimo#2172

Would love to chat, as above we are currently looking for someone who loves to tank and would like to raid with us we are 11/11HC and looking to start on mythic when we have a strong enough raid team. We always have around 15-20 people online ~10 at off peak times, lots of m+ and have 3 nights a week to focus on clearing heroic :)

Hope we can have a chat.
Hey Destrophy
Im a guild manager at VII-EmeraldDream. VII has 13 years of experience with raiding.

We can offer you a stable environment with consistent raids with a friendly and active but also serious guild with plenty of experience amongst all our players.

We are currently 5/11 mythic and have progressed a lot lately.
We raid 3 times a week from 2100 - 0000 on:


We also have many off raid activities such as heroic run and m+

For a more thorough assessment of the guild take a look at our forum post:

Add my b-tag if you are interested (Alfonsen#21325)
Hi Alfonsen,

Thanks for your reply, those raid times are a bit too late for me due to some early shifts at the company.

Best regards

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