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Looking for a social/casual raiding guild. No prev experience so only looking to get started in ~+8-10 and normal Antorus. Often available during weekdays & weekend so active. On weekdays only available in the evening tho. I'd like to say i'm a quick learner as well.

Currently Artifact lvl 72 + highest Mythic+ with no exp is 9 rn. I only play Havoc.

Hmu at Bakpoeder#2724
Hi Adlairo

Metamorphosis is a laidback casual raiding guild, we run Antorus twice a week as well as mythic + dungeons, if you are willing to server change we might be what you are looking for

Add me for a chat if you are interested
Hey Adlairo, seeing youre battletag "Bakpoeder" you have to be dutch. If yes, check out our post about Optimus Pruim:

Casual dutch guild on bloodhoof - horde. Very social with laidback members. Might be what youre looking for.

If you want to know more add me: Stougmeister#2832

Groet Puik
Hi there!

Casualty (Darkmoon Faire) is looking for social players and casual raiders to join us for Antorus. We are a bunch of easy going adults and know how to stand in the fire! We are currently at 11/11 Normal and we’ll progress to HC once we’re ready.

Due to the casual nature of the guild, we progress slower than the typical HC guild but are drama free.
Our raid times are:
Monday 20:15 - 22:15 server time.
Thursday 20:15 - 22:15 server time.

If you are interested, please leave an application at
Or see our recruitment post for more information:

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