[H] LF Raiding Guild with a later Start time.

Twisting Nether
I'm looking for a Raiding Guild, that starts a little later in the evenings and is currently or will soon be progressing Mythic. Ideally 20:30 or later works better for my (read as Kids) schedule :) and not too fussed about the end time.

I've a Rogue, geared and ready to go along with an Alt Bear on his way up too though I suspect the Bear will be played more in M+'s myself.

Most week nights are good along with Sunday, though Friday and Saturday are usually reserved for somethign else...

PvP is also of interest too, though my main focus is Raids RBG's have always been good fun when getting a challenging win.

If you have or know of a later starting Guild, I'd like to hear some more info.

we start 20:15 with invites and start 20:30 does that sound good for you ?

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