Mythic Raiding - Guild Partnership

Doomhammer / Turalyon

Vigilantes has now cleared the current content on heroic and it seems like we are stuck with this raid probably for 6months to a year.

To avoid us all dying from boredom and the death of guilds, we are looking for another guild in a similar position to partner with, to get some mythic kills. We are looking to partner with another guild rather than a merger.

We are not hardcore raiders and are not looking to hit mythics hard, but would like to gradually get some new kills / progression to keep the fun going.

We currently raid from 8pm to 11pm wed and sun, but we can be a little flexible around this to get something together.

If any guilds are interested, either contact me in game on Shadowyz or in discord on Shadowyz#9945
Sexy, a guild partnership :) do we have to split 50/50 when we get a divorce? :)

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