[H-RP] Event: In Honour of Hir'eek

Argent Dawn
Dusk settled around the campfire like a blanket. The flames danced and made the dark red eyes of the priestess glow as rubies. With her coal-covered hands she lifted the cup to her lips and drank deeply from the rank liquid within. With a hiss she sprayed it from her lips into the fire, causing it to flare up in a multitude of bright colours. Her eyes travelled across those gathered around the fire and with a hoarse voice she spoke:
"He who lingers in de darkness be watchin' us, brothas and sistas. He who listen knows all our secrets. What ya think to keep buried he uncovers. What ya think to be ya shame be his prize. Dis be de time for ya to show him proper respect. Dis be de time for ya to bow before the Lord o' de Midnight Sky. "

Date: 4th of March
Time: 7pm server time
Place: Echo Isles

Event content:

A short sermon in honour of Hir'eek

Sacrifices will be given and any troll may ask for favours from the bat loa

Ceremonial dancing

A test of courage: The brave bat riders of the Horde will allow those who dare to try and take to the sky on the magnificient winged children of Hir'eek

Exchanging of stories about the loa and his secrets

OOC details:

Why host this event?
Being a big fan of the work and thought put into the "Calendar of Yak K'in" by Adnaw, The Cult of the Raptor and Darkspear Tribe, I'd like to host this event to honour Hir'eek and promote good troll RP.
Underneath is both a forum link and an AA link to the calendar in question:



Who can attend?
This event is primarily for trolls, though it is unlikely that other races will be barred from attending. If they do attend, I'd ask they stay respectful and non-disturbing.

Why bat riders?
Hir'eek is the bat loa and bat riders are highly revered amongst jungle trolls. As many players IC do not have the chance to ride a bat this is your chance to take out your Armored Bloodwing if you have one - or simply use a wind rider and we'll use our imagination.

What if I'd like to contribute?
Awesome! A sermon is planned to be given by Zia'tala but nothing else is set in stone. If you're a priest/priestess, bat rider or have any other character on which you wish to contribute/arrange to the sermon or other parts of the schedule or add something I haven't mentioned, please contact me in thread or via in-game mail and we'll make it happen. It would be great to have input from more RP'ers!
Thank you for hosting this!

Atal'Antu will attend but at the moment we are unsure about amount of members joining from our side but at least some of us will attend!
I'll see if I can make some time and bring my Shadowhunter over to this!

Aswell as maybe dragging some Mons from my Guild alongside.
Can you join in on a low lvl troll to get a taste of troll rp?
05/02/2018 21:12Posted by Doltri
Can you join in on a low lvl troll to get a taste of troll rp?

As a priestess of Hir'eek, I will definitely attend, if I am in Kalimdor at the time. Yay for troll events!
Awesome! I'll sneak my way in there, definetly! Time to meet some new trolls.
Just a reminder that the celebration of Hir'eek happens in 2 weeks!

If you'd like to contribute to the event everything from batriders to priests and priestesses to old coots with funny stories to tell would be a welcome addition!

Drop a note here or in-game if you want to help in the hosting!

I look forward to seeing the Echo Isles alive with glorious trolls!
Just a reminder! Hope to see plenty of trolls!
Tomorrow is the big day!

Will most definitely see you there, I'm looking forward to this!
Tonight at 7pm I'll be hosting a sermon on Echo Isles. As I'm not entirely sure how many we're gonna be and what level-range they'll be in we'll keep it simple mons and simply meet at Darkspear Hold.

Bring birds for sacrificing and avoid smashing any pottery!
And so tonight's event is concluded.

It was a great time! Young people were embarrassed by old ones as they should always be. Booties were shook in the ritual dancing. Sacrifices were made and grand stories were told!

Thank you to all who came and made the event so special!
The event was awesome! Really enjoyed it, and with a great speech from our Priestess and some awesome stories shared, really great event all around! :)
What a lovely night! Once again, thank you very much for hosting. Its been quite a long time since I've attended a sermon event that captured all the swing and voodoo vibes that makes troll RP so unique, and I'm really glad I was able to come by tonight.

If you plan to do any more in the future, and I have my fingers crossed for the possibility, I'll be there, and will be more than glad to give a helping hand if its required!

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