How long did it take you to git gud?

08/02/2018 17:57Posted by Kooki
I think I play my mage quite well despite being completely lacking in confidence at playing the game in general. I've played mage since mid WoD so I guess I've had plenty of practice on it. I still always think I have room for improvement though.

same here, Kooki except I'm fury warrior since late WOTLK - I still suck badly and like you its a confidence thing
git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

Did you mean this?
MoP 5.4 when I started progressing on Mythic on an ally,only made it to Malkorok until the Guild disbanded tho :(
After that I just led Pugs through HC's since my Server has no Mythic progression and my schedule doesn't allow me to be up at constant times. D:

Now im trying to get 2k on my priest,a class I haven't played once b4 Legion.
Lol, I think the OP is approaching Shogath levels of toxic fanboy.
I'm 2/11 Mythic Antorus and I'm still bad.
I will let you know.

09/02/2018 01:55Posted by Johners
I'm 2/11 Mythic Antorus and I'm still bad.

This is hilarious, given your guild name is "Overconfidence"
I'm better than everyone here and I'm not good
I don't know. 13+ years and counting? I mean I'm not "bad" but I don't find the enjoyment in trying too hard to be perfect. It's an RPG. Story, strategy, class/character decisions and growth, and social aspects should be the priority rather than hunting for the absolute most effective combination at any given time.
I started gud and got bad
Just don't have the energy to try hard on games nowadays
The older I get the less important it seems to me.
09/02/2018 02:41Posted by Zannah
I started gud and got bad
Just don't have the energy to try hard on games nowadays
The older I get the less important it seems to me.

I feel ya mate. Don't got the same energy or motivation and even time I had 6 years ago.
09/02/2018 00:27Posted by Daffon
this git gud pc master race garbage needs to die in a car fire

Said all peasants everywhere.
HOW gud?
I've been the greatest thing since sliced bread since Vanilla. I created the Warrior Sunder Armour AFK macro.
I don't know but I think PVE content is not about git gud at all. It is about to be accepted to a good understanding community.

In my opinion pvp achievments are more important.

I m playing wow since 2007 and i have hundreds of mount (include spectral tiger) - +70 exalted reps - loremaster etc but couldnt make an arena rating yet. (only 1550)

For next expansition i want to make some friend to study and win it.
08/02/2018 18:07Posted by Alguqwey
I wanna play Elemental spec, but deal 4x times less dps than Enchancement shaman. I have no idea how people are so gud at elemental shaman...

I've read so many guides and watched so many videos but still cant l2p, what a shame

Elemental is probably 30% knowing how to play and 70% pure dumb luck tbh. Pure RNG spec, hell, our best performing setup is called "gambling".

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