New to the role healer looking for a new home.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi all,
Title says it all really, a seasoned player (since WotLK) looking for a new home.

I'm after a pretty sociable guild in need of a healer preferably paladin, 2 raid nights a week would be best.
I'll check guilds progress etc on wow progress, raider io and Warcraft logs.

I'm a socialable player who enjoys a bit of banter in a game not just wow, pubg, csgo, dbd the list could go on, but enjoys progress overall.

Raided as dps this expansion and looking for a change of playstyle.
Started off this expansion strong as a hunter on Draenor horde with my old guild Origin and obtained Ahead of the curve mythic Xavius.
After my guild fell apart due to different ideas on what direction we should go, I retired my hunter and played casually with my Warlock and cleared normal & heroic Tos.
I'm not entirely fussed on raiding mythic again this expansion but open to the idea in the future/when I find a home.

Exp: 11/11 Antorus normal
9/9 normal & heroic Tos as Warlock

7/7 Emerald nightmare mythic (ahead of the curve)
10/10 NH heroic both as hunter.

And it goes back to SoO, we made it up to Dark shaman old heroic. Make explosive shot great again...

Feel free to check my exp through the Amory & achievements.
Hunter: Pudgey
Warlock: Lockesly
Paladin: Spottd

Old guild: Origin - Draenor (mythic)
Casual guild heroic clears: Seven Oaks - Silvermoon

Preferably Silvermoon Alliance but open to all offers.

Get in touch in game for a chat: spott3d#2357

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