What did you use your 110 boost on ? or still undecided ?

Used it on a priest whcih will be my first healer but its been a massive failure so far because i suck
Used it on alliance to unlock void elf and lightforged draenei.
Not used my BfA boost.

In fact I've not played the characters of the last three boosts i had. I made the characters but never bothered using them, I don't fully understand the characters skills when they are all given in one big go, so they sit gathering dust.

I prefer to level and learn as I go along, however that's my issue others love them.

Cheers and happy hunting
Not used the 110 boost yet. Not really sure what to do with it, tbh. I have all classes at 110 already and multiples in some cases.

I'll probably cave and use it on one of the new races since I'm not enamoured of the heritage armour. It seems like a weak reward for level grinding, especially since they basically gave you a mount for each race for free, effectively.
As I decided to start fresh (i.e. new account ... I have not played WoW for a long time and want to experience all the changes since and including Cataclysm) ... I will probably use the boost to get to the endgame a bit more quickly.
But I'm very torn between a hunter, a rogue or a druid. I have a hunter and a rogue at max level on my old account, so I know a bit how to play them. But not sure about all the changes made - and the druid.
Any ideas/recommendations?
Still have both 100 and 110 unused. Been thinking about using it for Alliance but tbh I'm quite happy with my sole Alliance character and wouldn't play more than that one anyway.

I guess I'm going to use it on either my Tauren Paladin or my Undead Hunter but I also like getting to know my characters while leveling so for this reason I've been hesitant when deciding what to boost.
I haven't used mine yet. I don't really even want it. I like leveling my characters.
I used mine on a Warrior, because it was the only class I never saw myself levelling and I never bought into its class fantasy (always saw Paladin as an elevated Warrior).
Getting to 110 so I can actually unlock the race I wanna play... Coz yah know... Fun... Well supposed to be.
I boosted a rogue, because I loved the look of Outlaw rogues in Legion (even though they were a bit meh statistically speaking) and I figured they fit some of the themes in BfA (specifically pirates/Kul Tiras) quite well.

I somewhat regret it - I've already got a dps and healer to take forward, so I'm wondering if I should have boosted something that fills a gap in my skill set or I'm more likely to use. We'll see what happens, though.
Boosted an Orc Shaman to play a healer with friends for BfA's launch. I did not have a healer class on the Horde side.
A character I ended up deleting. Made a third Warrior, second on Draenor... No idea why. Farmed some Pet Charm dailies on it, that was it. Oh well.
I don't mind leveling so much except in the 60-80 range where it is still horrible, might use mine on an low populated server to collect rare items from rare spawns though
Saving it for if someone ever asks to start on different realm. Which means i'll prolly never end up using it.
Used mine on a horde paladin so i can get toys/pets/mounts and things
I wish I wouldn't have used it on anything so I could still refund.
I just boosted this character. He was already at level 60, and I just couldn’t face either northrend or Outland.

I really just wanted the order hall story for Death Knigts as I had had a few spoilers and wanted the details, will probably shelve this character until my main has nothing left to do in BfA.
This guy. Mainly a horde player but liked the Velf look and fancied another warrior but alliance.
Same as time; my alliance paladin.

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