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Guys If anyone could look through my quest tracking, as im useless! haha

Came back to wow after about 7 months, back to the grind of getting flying and completing my Class hall etc etc.

I picked up the quest from Maiev called 'Champions of the Legionfall' but have no follow up.. no one is on missions so thats not the reason.

If anyone could help i'd really appreciate it.

Thanks !
If I am not mistaken the quest Champions of the Legionfall, requires you to go to your order hall and start a chain to recruit a new champion. However if u can’t see the quest in your order hall might need to complete the orderhall campaign first?
Champions of Legionfall is an addition to your order hall campaign, so in order to complete it you must complete the campaign and then pick up the quest from Maiev, after that return to your order hall and complete the quests from there.

So if you have any more quests that is part of your order hall campaign finish those, and see if you are then able to complete "Champions of Legionfall"
Hey Xeluna,

The Champions of Legionfall quest has you complete another quest chain that starts off in your class hall. That quest chain will let you recruit your final Class Champion.

In this case you seem to have started that quest chain already though: you completed the first quest but then abandoned the next one. Delas Moonfang in your class hall should be able to help you further however. :)

Once you fully complete that quest chain (and recruit your final Champion), your Champions of Legionfall quest will complete as well.

Good luck!
Thank you so much for your help guys,

Really appreciate it!

I need help with this quest too - I have done the first 6 segments of Breaching the Tomb but have no quests for Champions of Legionfall or for my Order Hall and I can't progress on this on my Hunter. Really frustrated

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