Assa Rogue/Holy Pala LF Weekend Raiding Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
No Alliance Guilds, Staying Horde.

Hey! :)

I am looking for a weekend raiding guild raiding Friday/Saturday and/or Sunday (Any 3 days are fine, But can ONLY do these 3 due to work, ONCE a Month I have a Optional IRL Commitment that I attend but it is not compulsory so I can choose to stay home, but will let any officers/Raid leader know if I will be unable to attend with plenty of notice)

If you do Mythic Raiding I would possibly like to trial for the mythic team at some point but would let you know if I do when my gear is better + I have settled into the guild and feel comfortable to progress Mythic.

I can Play either DPS OR HEALER

DPS Is a 946ilvl Assassination Rogue with 2/3 BiS Legendarys 75 Traits in Kingslayers and currently 8/11 HC in Antorous, I Miss out on rekills cos I work the 1st raid day and am there for progress on the 2nd Raid Day.

HEALER Is a 938ilvl Holy Paladin with Legendary Trinket (Velens Future Sight), And Couple Healing Legendarys I swap around depending on the fight. I have 71 Traits in The Silver Hand (Stopped due to reroll, But wont take me long to farm 75 Traits) Progress on Pala is none as I have not entered Antorous on him yet.

A Little Bit of Info About Me + My WoW History:
I am a 46 Year Old Living in the UK, Working Monday-Thursdays During the night But available Friday/Saturday + Sunday evening.

As a Raider who started playing WoW Back in Cataclysm I near enough instantly jumped into raiding @ Heroic/Mythic Dragon Soul as a Holy Paladin after my guild was short of a healer and was kept in the team after the 1st night performance, I have always been intrigued by raiding, I stuck with my Paladin right up until Legion, When I rerolled to Assassination Rogue.

I always come prepped for raids with Food/Flasks/Proper Gems/Enchants + Knowledges of the fight(s) we are doing and I am always doing the Weekly M+/AP Farming to keep up with my fellow Raiders.

Type of Guild I Hope To Find:
I want to find that guild, the guild that has a good Social Side so doing Keys/Doing stuff outside of raiding when i have the spare time when not prepping or farming AP, But also knows when to be serious when it comes to raiding and strive to get Bosses Down + Finish content while its still relevant.

The Character(s) I would be playing:

If I have peaked your interest feel free to add my btag "Soupkitchen#2955" where I will be more then happy to answer anymore questions/queries you may have.

Have a Good One!
Good evening Fellow player,
we might just be something for you ;)

<Final Spark> is a new formed Guild that is looking to fill their ranks for raiding and M+.

We are recruiting any healers and RDPS right now!
Ilvl isnt an issue since we just started out.
But for normal antorus we are asking you to be atleast 920
Levelers and Socials also welcome!


<Final Spark>

Is a newly formed guild by some mythic and heroic raiders. Our goal is to setup a Core raiding team that will be pushing for mythic eventually. Right now we will just go with the flow, and raid as high as we can get. Our main goal is to set up a strong core raiding team for the next expansion!

Guild INFO

Raiding Days:

Saturdays and Sundays from 19:00/19:30-22:30 (+1).
With Thursday as optional for farm clears when we begin to progress heroic/mythic.

Voice chat:



As said we are a newly formed guild so we will take all players.
What we want from you:
- Being able to pre-prepare for all upcoming fights
- Patience whilst we establish the guild and core raiding team.
- Please download the RCLootCouncil Addon for when raiding starts!


Contact us:

Guild Discord:
My Discord : Tiny#9053
Co-GM Discord : Blessedspark#5851
My Battlenet : Zoeëy#2826
Co-GM Battlenet : Blessedspark#2749

Thank you for your time.
i have now found a new home ty

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