Top Legendary for Prot tank

Hi there I have so many Legendarys and I was just wondering what people would go for as prot tank

thank for all suggest
DPS wise: shoulders/legs
Defensive: helmet/Prydaz
Prydaz is only 15 % for a tank. I would pick Heathcliff's Immortality or Soul of the Highlord as second defensive with Saruan's. Or perhaps even Legs if you are gonna hit 3+ mobs.
DPS wise: shoulders/legs
Defensive: helmet/Prydaz

No. Not Prydaz, it's !@#$ for tanks. Use Soul of the Highlord instead, or Heathcliffs if you don't have Soul or if you absolutely and perfectly reliably want to reduce something by 4%. In M+ the pats are much better than Prydaz, it gives you almost the same absorb, but much more often.
for M+ I recommend sephyz and legs, for raiding I would go highlords with either prydaz, helm or chest (remember guys prydaz does not only give a useful shield, but the stats is really great aswell)

But I think it's up to your personal preference
If you want stats, wear the chest. Legendaries are not stat sticks though, Prydaz is horrible for tanking if you want survival. Only use it if you have nothing else. Even the bracers are better, because at least those have strength and armor on them on top of stamina and secondaries.

Sephuz can be very good if you get to proc it but I'd still not use it over the shoulders if you have them. Getting perfect use out of Sephuz' is just too finnicky. It might proc just at the end of a fight or it might not proc at all if you can't interrupt/CC. Honorable mention is deserved though.

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