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Looking for Players – PvE

This expansion has been amazing for me, but currently I’m looking for a new guild.

During Emerald Nightmare, I got cutting edge on my Boomkin on Silvermoon.
In Trial of Valor I got 1/3M then managed to pug 2/3 later in the expansion.
During Nighthold I managed to get up to mythic Star Auger, but then decided to take a break. I also killed Gul’dan mythic in a pug later in the expansion.
I cleared ToS heroic and pushed logs on my monk. (Had an average of 98%)
Then now onto Antorus, I killed the last boss heroic early in the tier on my off spec, now im back fully I want to get back into pushing high end mythic. If you feel like you want to talk to me don’t hesitate to message me.

Thanks for reading :)

Ps, have all my bis legendaries! and would realm and faction change!

ToS logs =

BNet = Nixia#21844
<Insidious> is a chill guild founded and created with two long-term goals in mind, Mythic progression and to form a PvP squadron for Battle for Azeroth. Note that we want both to exist separated from one another.

In around 8 months Battle for Azeroth will be released so there is plenty of time to create a tight-knit guild. A guild created and run by its members where everyone's opinion, thoughts and wishes weigh equally.

If you are looking for a chill and friendly environment, don't hesitate to contact us. I'll add our contact info at the end of this post.

For our main raids/pvp squadron, we will consider any and all promising classes/specs providing you perform according to your gear itemization and setup.

Social players and friends of friends are always welcome, the more the merrier!

To have a properly a working PC and microphone (latency/lag issues sorted before stepping into our raids).

Being able to raid 3 days per week, those being Mondays, Wednedays and Thursdays from 19:00 to 22:00 server time.

To bestow good knowledge on your class, spec and role.

We are currently raiding Heroic Antorus, forming something greater will take time, being understandable and positive towards our cause is required.

Coming prepared, being on time and knowing tactics for all Heroic Antorus bosses is a must. We don't want to baby sit nor will we do it.

To have atleast an ilvl of 945~ and for it to be properly itemized.

To be able to speak understandable english and to communicate when needed.
Other than that, we wanna attract players that are searching for the corner stones of this amazing mmo. Friendship, fun and progression.

Last but not least, we would like to talk to you over Discord, whenever it fits you.

Contact: Zingo#21619 or Craltec#2549

Thanks for reading our recruitment post and hope we can start bolstering our guild with like-minded players.

Hi there

I represent the guild of iniquity on tarren mill EU.

We are a semi hardcore raiding guild with 4/11 down on mythic right now. we are raiding 3 times a week.

with some alt raids once in a while

I added u on Bnet.

If you want more info you could check out my forum post
(it does say ranged is needed, and that is true. But our off tank had some real life issues stomp him right now, so he cant attend that often anymore)
Hi Nixi,

We're actively seeking a tank at the moment for our Mythic team and we'd be very interested in speaking with you.

Here's a little about the guild:

Fury is an inclusive community of players, many of whom have played together for several years. We're a reliable bunch who strive to progress as far as possible each tier without sacrificing career and family commitments. We recruit mature players based on ability and personality; aiming to create a friendly, relaxed environment where we also progress well every tier.

We raid:
20:20 - 23:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

What we look for:
Mature, easy-going yet committed players seeking a long-term in-game home. We are a mythic-focussed guild though so we do expect appropriate performance. We're always very happy to work together to improve our numbers; help with macros, add-ons etc. I.e. even if you may be a little inexperienced now, if you've got a good personality and a willingness to improve and succeed we'd be very happy to hear from you.
All ages are welcome, we have a wide range. Our officer team have mostly played since vanilla though so at least one of us may smell of cabbage, occasionally.

We are currently most interested in:
1 Tank: Druid, Monk or Demon Hunter of highest interest
1 Strong healer: Priest (either spec) of highest interest
1-2 Strong melee DPS: Warrior, Rogue or Ret. Pala of highest interest
1-2 Strong ranged DPS: Shadowpriest, Elemental Shaman or Balance Druid of highest interest
Since we tend to keep a relatively small roster we're always very interested in hearing from players who like to cover multiple raid roles.

Progression (While current content):
T10: Icecrown Citadel (25H), 12/12H
T11: 8/13H (Nef 0.1%)
T12: Firelands (25H): 6/7H (Ragnaros P3)
T13: Dragonsoul (25H): 8/8H (& Farmed mounts for many raiders)
T14: 6/6H, 4/6H, 1/4H
T15: Throne of Thunder (25H): 11/13H (Lei Shen P3)
T16: Siege of Orgrimmar (25H): 14/14H CE (& Farmed mounts for every raider)
T17: Highmaul (4/7M), Blackrock Foundry (7/10, Iron Maidens P3)
T18: Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M CE (& Farmed mounts for almost every raider)
T19: 7/7M CE, 2/3M, 10/10M CE (& Currently farming Gul'dan mythic weekly for mounts)
T20: Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9M (Progressed Fallen Avatar a lot too but didn't finish)
T21: Antorus, the Burning Throne: 7/11M Currently

Our web-page and forum are here:
(you can also find videos of all our first kill videos spanning all the way back to Dragonsoul here: )

If you would like to chat please add:
Zastaph#2891 (GM)
Hello Nixi. I see you have a few offers here, but I'll leave mine as well :p
I'm from Mors Principium Est on the Sha'tar and we're currently in need of tanks to continue mythic progress.
We're mostly Finns so some of the language on disc and guild chat will be in Finnish, but we have a few English speaking members as well.
We're mostly adults so you can expect a pretty relaxed and friendly atmosphere, but we still take raiding seriously.

Our raid times are a bit on the early side as we have members that need to be in bed early cause of work. We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun 17-20 server time.
Our current progress is 1/11M, HC and normal on farm.

I'll leave my btag in case you would like to have a chat NasaSajosee#2881.
Anyway if we're not what you would be looking for in a guild, good luck to you in finding a suitable home :)

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