New Healer/DPS looking for a casual guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi! I'm Foyi.
I am new to wow, starting last September, never played this game before. I am new to raiding (as in never done before), but I have played a few dungeons. I am not too fond of PVP, especially not as a healer. I play on Eonar.
I play Balance Druid but for a lot of early/mid game stuff, I played Restoration Druid. I am used to playing dungeons as a healer.
My Druid is level 110 and I have an ilvl of 868. I have never been part of a guild or a group before, but I would really like to get better at the game and learn more.
I am free Monday to Friday anytime after 9pm GMT to at least 1am/2am GMT. I can do Saturdays after 6pm GMT and Sundays between 4pm-6pm, then after 11pm. As you can see my times are varied. I am able to commit but I work random days, anytime from 8am to 8pm GMT Mon-Fri and 9am-4pm Sat-Sun, as well as running a DND session Sun 6pm to 11pm.

Sorry this is so long, thank you for reading!
Well, listen to this..
<Unexpected> on Emerald Dreams is a newly formed alliance guild.
We are looking for new people, all roles, classes, genders, and ages!
Our current goal is to form a raidgroup and run people through The burning throne and Mythic + dungeons!
At the moment we need people for this (YOU)

We have a few core raiders who are very experienced, kind, funny and helpfull.
They will guide you through any raid or dungeon if necessary.
Mistakes DO happen and we wont bite your head off, promise!
We have a discord server. Feel free to join and chat.

We raid:
Friday 8pm-11pm
Saturday 8pm-11pm

(8/11 HC so far and the raid days are not permant yet, since the guild is still forming)

We want to form a home for the players and progress through raids and enter battle for azeroth together. So we are looking for serious but fun people.
We like to think of it as a fresh start, getting to know eachother and succed together in the next expansion.

Feel free to message me on discord or any of my guildies if you want to learn more.
Anyways, have a nice day.

Hey Avalein, welcome to WoW :D the guild i am in is a social/casual guild perfect for learning how raiding works etc. aside from raids we do have an active guild chat and discord and we like to socialize with eachother. we raid Wednesday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 but we all have lives outside wow aswell and we understand if there's a day that you just cant make it. we wont make a problem with it.

our guild recruitment post is here:

and my btag is Shoe#2669

maybe ill speak to you soon! :)
Hello Avalein,

We in Ironwood Inc are an international guild. We have 3 different teams currently. One team who does mythic raids twice a week (currently full), one RBG team that plays once a week and our newly started team going under the name of ’The Sunday Club’ which is aimed to be a team that does normal and then heroic each raid. Currently running once a week and looking to build a solid foundation filled out with Well geared alts from the mythic team.

Please add me if this sounds interesting
Btag whyreddie#21634
Discord Thalassarche#1309

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