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Looking for Players – PvE

Im looking for a Raiding Guild in EU-Silvermoon (Alliance) with semi-early raiding times. Between 16.00-22.00 server time is perfect. I returned back to WoW after a year break and at the moment i've cleared 7/11 ATB HC in 1 week!

I've been playing FDK ever since WTLK came out, so i know my class fully.
Main focus is now to clear this expansion and prepare for the next one. Hopefully these informations help somewhat enough to get me a new family.

Sincerely, Heksu ✌
Hello Heksu! I'm from Mors Principium Est (The Sha'tar) and we're currently recruiting DPS for mythic.

We started the guild about a year ago since some of us weren't able to raid at later times anymore.
We're mostly Finns so our raid times are early. We do have a few English speaking members as well.
We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun 17-20 servertime. One of those days is usually reserved for a normal run that is optional and alts are welcome there.
Our current progress is 1/11M, HC and normal on farm.

If you'd be up for a server transfer :P Gimme a whisp over on btag if at all interested and would like to know more NasaSajosee#2881
If not, good luck to you in finding a guild!

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