Group of friends possibly looking for a guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
As the title mentions, this is not yet set in stone, the decision to leave our guild hasn't been made and very well may not happen either, but that does not mean we cannot test the waters.

That aside, about us, many of us have played since vanilla to present, our current guilds progress is 11/11 HC Antorus, so we're looking for a similar guild with aspirations to try mythic.

What we'll bring is assassination rogue, prot paladin, resto druid, marksman hunter, arms/fury warrior, unholy/frost DK and possibly some tag along socials that we know.

Our Preferences
Not Alliance, with all due respect, your races are boring as is your faction and especially your allied races, not to mention additional costs for realm transfer and faction change.

Raiding days being Wed,Thurs and Monday.

Argent Dawn (Horde) - As I'm also a part time roleplayer outside of raids finding a guild here is our first priority, I cannot guarantee my friends will all RP but I will the guild doesn't have to be an RP raiding guild, a raiding guild will suffice.

Not a hardcore guild, we're not interested in committing to more than three nights a week, mythic is rather low on our priority list as well, it doesn't mean we won't be up for it, we're just not interested in landing in a try hard guild with a raid leader who can't stop throwing hissy fits.
May also have a holy paladin, ret paladin and a resto shaman. What we could bring is 1 tank, 3 healers and 5 dps.

Apologises if the initial post came off douchy, I wrote it at 2am D:
hello, id be interested in chatting to you a bit more about this , feel free to contact me on the following

discord - fink#5821
btag - htidredneck#1908
Hello :) This is our official post, if you have some time to read through it.
This expansion is kind of over,BfA hype is on,but we're trying to get the most of it and create a steady team for the next expansion(s).
We'd like to step into mythic once we have the right roster for it,but not going competitive,just raiding on a more challenging level once hc is cleared and on farm.

Bnet tags are at the end of our post,in case you'd like to talk about it :)

Thanks & have a great day!

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