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Hi all,

First off I would like to say 2 things, firstly the server does not matter, I will happily transfer to any realm. Secondly, I have not raided for a long time, although during WotLK and Cata I was very active, I haven't done anything of note since due to personal/family life.

So, I would be looking for a casual guild that is either progressing in normal or HC. The raid times would be the sticking point for me due to family commitments (2 small children take up my time!). I would be looking for a guild with raiding times between 21:00-01:00 server time raids (days don't matter so long as it is between those times).

I have recently gotten the bug to start raiding again and progress with a lik-minded team so I'm looking for something prior to BfA.

I understand my personal preferences may hinder my choices but I'm absolutely open to anything so please let me know :)

Thanks for considering!

Depending on daylight savings, we tend to raid between 2000-0000 on a Saturday. Have a look at our recruitment thread to see whether we're your cup of tea: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617103630
Hello there :)

The Highland Warriors (Thunderhorn) are looking for more players to join our raiding team. We're are a twelve year old guild, which is an achievement in itself - almost as old as the Hills(brad) ;) We’d likely describe ourselves as a casual raiding guild, but this doesn’t really do us justice – we’re not just about raiding and we’re more than the sum of our raiding parts: we’re a friendly community of like-minded players, over the age of 18 (Some just about, but most a significant amount of time since!)

You could say that we’re an old fashioned guild with old fashioned values.


If you look at our raid progress, we're 7/11 HC Antorus - not as far as some, but we're a plucky bunch, looking for kindred spirits!

As a casual raid guild, we run weekly raids across two nights: raid times are normally 21:00 – 23.30 server time on a Wednesday & Sunday. It’s not essential you sign to every raid as a raider, so when you're ready to raid, you can sign when you know you'll be available.

Not Raiding

Not all of our guildies are raiders: some are gearing, some are resting, some are retired, some have no interest in raids at all. Whether you want to raid now, next week, next expac, or on the 20th of never, our membership is flexible to fit with whatever your current game goals are.

When we're not seeking vengeance on the denizens of our current raiding tier, we mythic; we heroic; we world quest; some pvp; some achievement farm; some level their 874586th alt … Whatever you’re into, there's someone who'll be into it too. Except goats, and gnomes, no one needs to be into that.

What next?

Like what you've read?

Head over to our website and forums - http://hs.highlandwarriorsguild.com/index.php

Have a poke around and find out more about who we are: join our shoutbox, read up on our guild rules and see if we fit with your idea of what you're looking for.

You can also add me Elysah#2509 for a chat :)

Look forward to meeting you soon :)
Hey! If you’re open to faction change along with realm change then add me on bnet: steveo#21656 as I think we could be a great fit for you!

We’re social/casual raiding but with a solid core of highly skilled people. We raid twice a week at 21:30 on Tues and Thurs as well as M+ and general shenanigans outside of that. Good group of mates and currently looking to expand for BFA and beyond. Most of us are older, married, kids etc. so respect the constraints and pressures that brings. End of the day we’re out to enjoy WoW for what it is; a game that is meant to be fun, enjoyed with people you like.

Hope to hear from you!

battle tags: Taycess#9305 integ#5515
Hey you!

Well, listen to this..
<Unexpected> on Emerald Dreams is a newly formed alliance guild.
We are looking for new people, all roles, classes, genders, and ages!
Our current goal is to form a raidgroup and run people through The burning throne and Mythic + dungeons!
At the moment we need people for this (YOU)

We have a few core raiders who are very experienced, kind, funny and helpfull.
They will guide you through any raid or dungeon if necessary.
Mistakes DO happen and we wont bite your head off, promise!
We have a discord server. Feel free to join and chat.

We raid:
Friday 8pm-11pm
Saturday 8pm-11pm

(8/11 HC so far and the raid days are not permant yet, since the guild is still forming)

We want to form a home for the players and progress through raids and enter battle for azeroth together. So we are looking for serious but fun people.
We like to think of it as a fresh start, getting to know eachother and succed together in the next expansion.

Feel free to message me or any of my guildies if you want to learn more.
Anyways, have a nice day.


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