Dungeon boosts

How much do people charge for:

I never pay over 300g per run and I get a lot of help.

Seen some mad crap in Hellfire where people offer to boost you for 5k each run. lul.
Come on guys, it takes the same amount of time as it did before, you are just imagining things ! You just need to git gud and learn your rotation and class ! It has been tested on PTR, I'm not lying I swear !
50msk very good quality.
I'd do it for free
12/02/2018 14:59Posted by Gwydiøn
I'd do it for free

Yeh, there's nothing to do up in endgame anyway (except for weekly raids). Read as in nothing I'm interested in
Few hundred gold per run normally works if you're looking to buy or sell. Gotta find someone to boost my alt thinking about it :P

Levelled nightborne through questing alone and I can't bothered again :|
200-400 depending on the run and how pro the booster is. Stockades i wouldnt go over 200-250 rampants max 250-350 on a bad day and stonecore max 300-400. Try to remember the good boosters. I always bring a bear tartare ad give it for free as it speeds the procces a lot and boosters will be kinder with you.

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