Fury Warrior looking for raiding guild.

Twisting Nether

I´ve just rolled my warrior 2 months ago, and I´m beginning to get tired of pugging raids all the time, so I would love to find a guild that I can raid with the last bit of legion and also in BFA what I´m looking for is a guild that’s raiding 2 times a week.
I´ve been playing the game since Vanilla raiding on and of with a few breaks, in the beginning of legion I´ve played a rogue and now rolled my warrior to get use to him before BFA hits.
I´m 28 years old and from Denmark, would be great to join a community with likewise minded and aged people. (+18)
I´m also a big fan of PvP and mythic +.
Hit me up with a msg here, or I will just keep on looking around. :-)

(I will transfer when I find a spot)
Hey Stunstaion. Paradigma are a mature guild - 5/11M, Horde on Twisting Nether. If you would like to find out more add me and give me a shout - MysticAngel#2249
Hi mate dunno how your going with search here is our link to recruitment post. Maybe it interest you?

Hey there Buddy,

Equinox is looking for a couple of memebers for our main mythic raid team ! We are also looking for fun ppl to chill with and have fun whilst doing mythic +

If this interests you hit me up !

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