Alliance Shadow Priest LFG

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Hey guys, I'm currently levelling a Shadow Priest to 60, then I'm boosting her. I'm looking for a guild that would have me in their ranks.

I've done some Heroic Antorus on my 941 Hunter, also on Thunderhorn. I have been playing since mid vanilla but have taken lengthy breaks. Only started Legion about a month ago and I'm liking the Shadow Priest so would be fun to raid with her.

I'm 39, live in the UK.
Hey champion:) We in <<Dracones Custodia>> are recruiting mature players to our social casual PVE/Raiding guild, 18y +. All the officers are 30y+ and all the members are 20y+. That because we have a humor that is not for children and we like to have what is it called??? Yeah drama free zone when gaming and chilling out with the game we love. We like to be on discord. Helping each other out and doing content together. If you like what you see then check us out and come and chat with us :)the contact info and info about the guild click the link under:). Thank you for your time. Cheers
Not sure how hardcore you're looking for, so check our guild out. We're a small raiding guild who goes and hits bosses twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday, between 20 and 23 server time. Having someone less experienced is no stranger to us, as long as you're willing to learn and put in the effort to do well. We've cleared all raids on HC before the next patch, except ToV, and we're aiming to keep that up. Mythic raids are only out because we don't have the numbers. Our members are international so we speak English, with everybody being adults age wise.

If you'd like more information, you can poke me, Fluclox, Chrog or Demonicangel in game. You can also add me on bnet, Kaikuri#2919

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