Now or later ?

i have multiple alts with differents professions and i want to level them all up to 800 but it will take much time
So what do you suggest ? do it now before bfa or wait BFA ?
Hey there Yamatoro!

With Warlords of Draenor and Legion, profession catch-up was made simpler with the introduction of high-level/low-skill recipes.

The plan going forward remains the same, however it's definitely worth using this time before the next expansion for getting your professions up-to-date :)
I agree, right now you can level your profession until 600 very easy with draenor materials (many recipes give 10 skillpoints until then) and legion afterwards.

Also the Crafting System gets totally reworked in BfA by breaking it down by Expansion.
From whats known yet you can probably only level the Expansion specific Skills with materials from that Expansion.

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