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Ok here goes.
I'm 60 years old. Started to play WoW about the time that TBC was released. But I began to lose interest in the game about four years after that. Mainly because I felt that the gameplay maybe was going in a pace that made it impossible for me to enjoy it. Or rather that I met too many other ppl playing the game that didn't have the patience with my shortcomings. I've had quite much !@#$ thrown at me for not being "good enough". Not ever in the guilds I've been a member of though. But as soon as I've joined pugs I've had the doubtful pleasure to meet too many unpolite and unpleasant players. I truly and sincerely hate pugs!
Maybe I'm just a grumpy old man but the reason I play has never been to prove anything or to impress others with the way I perform. To me WoW always will be a game and nothing else. I enjoy the social aspect of the game. Getting to know people from other parts of Europe(I'm swedish btw)and having a few good laughs while playing.
Having said this doesn't mean I don't always try my best in dungeons or raiding.
I can't say I've ever been interested in becoming the greatest WoW player of all times. I don't have, as you probably already understand, the skills to achieve such a goal anyway. Much due to the fact that me and my keyboard hates each others guts. In other words I'm quite slow and and don't always have the best coordination when it comes to maneuvering my chars. It might have a little to do with my age as well. Although it's a bit hard for me to admit that...
At the moment I have three chars on three different realms. On Aerie Peak, Strainséir is what I consider to be my main character. Back in the days my spec was prot so I've both been doing some tanking as well as off-tanking. A protection warrior as far as I can remember was best at handling single targets but I'm not sure if that might have changed now. Tanking was a hell of a lot fun. At least on the occasions it worked... I could be at least half decent at times.
How well I work as melee dps I can't really say. All I know is that it's a lot easier to solo lvl in that spec.
I also have a holy priest (Hinke on Quel’Thalas), currently at lvl 103 and I just recently started to level a bm hunter (Coinneac on Silvermoon).
But I must admit I'll always see myself as an eternal noob no matter what class or spec.
Over the years I've tried to pick up playing again but I've never quite been able find the fun I had when I first joined the World of Warcraft. If I don't find what I'm looking for this time it'll probably my last "comeback".
So if you read this far you should have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for in a guild.
I don't expect to meet very many players my own age. People born in the 50's are a rare species on WoW. But I find it a bit easier to socialize with mature people Persons that has a life offline and like me think that real life must come first at all times. In my case that means I can't be tied up for raiding on a regular basis. Some weeks I have more time for WoW than others. I don't have a 9 to 5 job. And there are also other things in life that catch my attention besides this game.
But I can assure that I'll be both friendly and loyal as long as I'm being treated the same way. At times I can be a man of many words... As if you couldn't tell by reading this,
Well I'm not sure if this can catch anybody's interest but at least I tried and hopefully this will help me find a bunch of people that believe my company can be enjoyable. I can always consider a realm change if mutual interest should occur.

Feel free to get in touch with me either here or in game on any of my characters

Bnet: Hauser#21189
Hey mate, im nowhere near your age but the guild i am in is very social. we are like our own little family with lives outside of WoW (work, parenting etc.) we do raid and these raids are great to get back into the game or learn better. just check our guild recruitment post here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617162126#post-1 and see if it might fit your needs!

Hello Sir,

<Prosperity> is a new early evening raid guild on Silvermoon-EU

We already have some experienced (Mythic) raiders with curve, but we are looking for fresh blood to fill in the gaps and make this guild a succes!

Raid Times/Days:
Wednesday 18.00 pm - 21.00 pm ST
Sunday 18.00 pm - 21.00 pm ST
We use: Discord

We are also a guild that has a lot of social activity. We Gear and level up together and we do a lot of Mythic+ runs, TW dungeons, Argus invasions + WQ's, PvP and Old Content raids. We use Discord for both Raiding and fun.

Feel free to add me MJDutch#2795

We in Ironwood Inc are an international guild. We have 3 different teams currently. One team who does mythic raids twice a week (currently full), one RBG team that plays once a week and our newly started team going under the name of ’The Sunday Club’ which is aimed to be a team that does normal and then heroic each raid. Currently running once a week and looking to build a solid foundation filled out with Well geared alts from the mythic team.

Please add me if this sounds interesting
Btag whyreddie#21634
Discord Thalassarche#1309
Amnesia (Nordrassil, EU) is a social casual guild with a serious raiding aspect. Currently we've been around for a little more than 3 years and we're a fun-loving bunch poking our way through various content while entertaining WoW marriages and other spoonlike adventures. We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 20+. We're not a swing-door guild, meaning we screen people thoroughly to make sure they're a good fit for our in-game family - this also means we can provide a trial raid before you x-fer, so you can have a closer look. If you got humour, patience and need an in-game home, we might be it for you!

Our progress:
11/11 NM
11/11 HC

For mythic progress in previous raids/expansions, check our website or wowprogress or the likes.

Raid days:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11PM ST.
Discord required. Working mic not necessary, but it is recommended as we're a chatty bunch and would like you to chat with us. :D
Alt runs also provided on Sundays, same time slot. Theyre lots of fun and if you are interested, we can maybe get you into one so you can check us out - we know that transferring is a big deal and this way you can meet some of the guys first, and we can see if we're a good fit for each other. :) Outside of raid days we also have a very active mythic keystone environment going!

Who are we and what can we offer you?
Generally we're a pretty fun bunch to be around. We help each other out with whatever we need and have a very strong bond going on with our members. We provide successful raids with lots of fun times in an organized environment. We also accept socials.

We're relaxed about attendance, because we know a lot of people have lives; families, dodgy work hours, social lives and more. We try to work around that, so we all get to raid and still have functional lives outside the pixels (RL is a lie, we know, but we like to pretend it exists!).

What do we need?
DPS, an OT (with a dps and a tank spec) and a healer (pref with an OS)! We're recruiting to fill the last spots for our mythic team! People with functional OS are preferred - and if you have RL experience, our RL-team would love someone to nudge raid details around with.

If you have questions feel free to throw us a poke in-game; Etoia#2396 (GM) or Exodeo#2151 (Recruitment officer) or go browse our forum:

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